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Covid Simulator

Covid Simulator video game Developed by Coldrice Games LLC and published by Coldrice Games LLC

Developed by Coldrice Games LLC and published by Coldrice Games LLC

So Well Made It's A Little Depressing" - Kotaku


Since early 2020, Covid-19 has caused mayhem the world over. Spreading rapidly, it can cause illness, long term disability, and death. The Covid-19 pandemic has been met with much political turmoil - causing misinformation, violence, and unnecessary risk. Many confusing charts and diagrams exists highlighting the dangers of Covid-19 in the workplace. COVID SIMULATOR hopes to visualize, in an understandable way, how quickly Covid-19 spreads, becoming a disaster. The game is an open sandbox to enjoy, or just fill yourself with dread

In Covid-19 Simulator you can:

Play in a sandbox environment to experiment with

Create a procedural generated work spaces which you can adjust

Create your OWN workplace with the level editor

Name and track your workers

Adjust the number of employees, and their work schedules

Adjust infection rates, mask adoption, and vaccination rates

Manually addremove masks of different varieties, and give vaccinations

Swap between the Alpha, Delta, and Omicron Covid strains

Create your own CUSTOM Covid strain!

Adopt mask mandates, and vaccine mandates

HireFire Employees

Encourage ProAnti Vaccine behavior

Give 'alternative medicine' treatments

Speed up or slow down time to view the results

View and save charts as PNG or CSV, showing spread over time

Integrate with Twitch to let your viewers be in the game!


In the game folder under AssetsResources is a text file labeled "TwitchConnect." simply input your information and the game will automatically be connected to your steam channel. Characters in game will be named for people chatting in your chat. Simply delete your information if you'd no longer like that connection.


COVID-19 is a serious disease. The game includes satire of current political climate regarding Covid-19, but hopes to convey a very serious attitude regarding the reality of this deadly disease.







The game bases the infectionstransmissionsconditionsresults of Covid-19 on the US CDC statistics which are based on agegenderhealthethnicity. This game does not wish to insinuate any ethnic disposition towards Covid-19, however it is personally important to me to demonstrate the extreme dangers that minorities are currently experiencing with the pandemic. It is impossible for a simple game to fully simulate the intricacies of every day human life.

The random ages, genders, health, and ethnicity is based on percentages reported in the US Census data for people in the work place. These are nation wide averages, and does not reflect any particular area.

I am NOT a statistician or a virologist. I am a game developer. This simulatorvisualization appears to have similar outcomes to real world results - however it will likely never be real world accurate. It is only a game, meant to demonstrate the dangers of unchecked Covid-19 spread. Within the game files is a stat sheet which can be edited if you would like to change the outcomesresults! If you ARE a statistician or a virologist, please contact me - I would LOVE to expand the accuracy of this game.

Covid Simulator

Covid Simulator video game Developed by Coldrice Games LLC and published by Coldrice Games LLC video screen

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Yume Nikki 3D

Yume Nikki 3D video game by Zykoveddy

Made by Zykoveddy

Yume Nikki 3d is a fan game based on Yume Nikki universe (if you haven't played the original Yume Nikki, I highly recommend it). The game is not a simple 3d remake, but rather a spin-off to the original, with lots of extra content. Instead of using RPG Maker, I used an old 3d engine from the 90's.

The package also includes Isolated DLC. Only play this DLC after you've completed the main game.

Note that it's not necessary to be a fan of the original game to enjoy YN3D. The concept is understandable and it's easy to pick up and play.

You play as a little girl Madotsuki. The game starts in your room. You can use the bed to enter the dream world or desk to save your game. The bed can transport you into a dream world where the majority of the game takes place, and your task is to find six "effects" and three keys in this world. Some of the effects are requied to progress in few areas of the game. The most important effects, such as bicycle and the knife, are hidden in the locations connected to Nexus (the hub location). Most locations in Dream world are connected by series of portals and there's no boundaries. You are free to explore the game world.

Uboa event video


WASD - move

Space - jump

E - use, open, pick up

Shift - use effect

Enter - menu

F12 - take a screenshot


Yume Nikki 3d is made by Zykov Eddy

Zykov Eddy's site: Nikki is made by Kikiyama

Kikiyama's site: 32 is made by Eduke 32 team

Eduke 32 site: http:eduke32.com


Yume Nikki 3D

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Zênite video game Developed by FFO Games and published by FFO Games

Developed by FFO Games and published by FFO Games

Inbrazed Village was invaded and destroyed four years ago. Hero, Furtive and Brute have trained since then. And now, Inbrazed Village will be heroic, furtive or brutally avenged. But it depends on the focus on the goal and, who knows, maybe find, arrive or reach the zenith...

Choose from three characters and travel through a region infested with creatures and opponents. Is it worth helping strangers? Is revenge a one-way path? Is mercy for the weak? You will decide... But the path will be arduous...

Automatic Battle System

No screen change, with direct combat, fast and without endless repetition of commands - everything happens automatically. Improve stats by leveling up when facing enemies, finding or buying equipment, and with energy crystals. Receive enhancement at higher levels. But what about the zenith?

Features HELP the villagers, SEEK information, or EXECUTE your enemies! Focus on your goals! Combat speed increases with character level! Open World, for some... Nearly Impossible Bonus - optional suffering Game Time: 5 hourscharacter The Emperor's Army has arrived! Did I find, arrive or reach the Zenith? If I lived in this world my name would be Developer and yours would be Player :)


Zênite video game Developed by FFO Games and published by FFO Games video screen

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下一站江湖 video game Developed by 白玉京工作室 and published by 成都忆墨轩网络科技有限公司

Developed by 白玉京工作室 and published by 成都忆墨轩网络科技有限公司

下一站江湖 video game Developed by 白玉京工作室 and published by 成都忆墨轩网络科技有限公司 video screen

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Planet Crafter Alpha

Planet Crafter Alpha video game by Miju Games

Made by Miju Games

Early Alpha

This is the Alpha Version of Planet Crafter. The game is in active development and should be released during the first quarter of 2022.

For now, it's still a prototype, but we are looking for players to give us feedback!

Survive, Collect, Craft

You are sent on an hostile planet with one mission: make it habitable for Humans. Gather minerals and resources to survive. Craft all the tools you'll need in order to fulfill your mission. Explore old crashed ships and ruins and discover a planet full of mystery.

Build you own base

You'll need a base and all sorts of machines to make yourself at home, and be able to bring life on this planet!

View on Steam and Wishlist!

Planet Crafter Alpha

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Blown Away

Blown Away video game Developed by Studio Wokkel and published by Studio Wokkel

Developed by Studio Wokkel and published by Studio Wokkel

Blown away is a singleplayer explorer game filled with puzzles, obstacles and hidden locations. The game takes place in a civilization called Yhorba influenced by bubbles. One day the machine that provides the protective bubble around the island breaks down. This caused the island to fall down and crash on the abandoned planet underneath. Your goal is to repair the machine to restore the protective bubble. To do so you must find the mechanical parts that are scattered around the abandoned planet. By solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles and explore hidden areas, the main character can locate these mechanical parts.

Meet Mylo!

Mylo is our hero, he is the engineer of the city. He's tasked with repairing the bubble machine, so the island can float back to safety.

Explore the world of Yhorba

Let's take you with us to a new world ready to explore for all of you. The world of Yhorba is surrounded by beautiful and colorful forests and soothing lakes. In Yhorba you will come to peace. But beware for the shadows and everything that lurks within them.

A unique weapon.

Have you ever heard of a hurdy gurdy? Well you have now! A hurdy gurdy is a string instrument that provides a soothing and unique sound. This instrument has been modified into your own bubble weapon. Get to know your own special weapon and it's rich sounds.

Pick up your controller.

You can play this game either on your keyboard and with a mouse but for the full experience you can try out Blown Away with a controller.

And last but not least..

Have fun exploring the world of Yhorba and let Mylo take you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Blown Away

Blown Away video game Developed by Studio Wokkel and published by Studio Wokkel video screen

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Roads Of Rome: Portals Collector's Edition

Roads Of Rome: Portals Collector's Edition video game Developed by Whiterra and published by Qumaron

Developed by Whiterra and published by Qumaron

A valiant Centuria was returning home after a victorious campaign. Suddenly, a storm, which was rapidly approaching the ship, appeared on the horizon. The team prepared for the worst. A monstrous storm broke out. The ship was tossed from side to side, and giant waves were covering it one after another. The squad was already saying their last farewells to life. The incredible storm, having played enough with the ship, smashed it like a toy on the rocks of a deserted island. Fortunately, many managed to survive.

The small, lifeless island seemed to promise nothing but death. The surviving centurians wandered through it in search of food, but found only the entrance to the cave. The Romans entered the cave. And they froze in surprise when they saw something strange and magical in front of them, something that looked like a portal. After a brief consultation, the squad decided to meet their fate and go into this portal. There was nothing else they could do. And they bravely stepped into the unknown.

By some quirk of fate, a group of brave Romans found themselves in mysterious worlds. Help them find their way back home. Build settlements, clear paths, defeat enemies. All for the glory of Rome!

Open portals and caches - help the heroes survive!

Game features:

40 colorful levels and one bonus level;

Very familiar, but improved gameplay;

4 difficulty modes;

Multi-click mode;

2 object selection modes;

Hard-to-find caches.

Collector's Edition:

8 additional levels;

Desktop wallpapers;

Music track;

Cache maps for all levels;

Automatic guide for completing levels.

Roads Of Rome: Portals Collector's Edition

Roads Of Rome: Portals Collector's Edition video game Developed by Whiterra and published by Qumaron video screen

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The Lost World

The Lost World video game by The-Lost-World

Made by The-Lost-World


Crashed on an unknown planet, where there is nothing else butonly some strange floating islands, equipped just with a jetpack, players will need to explore this world and learn to survive in its harsh conditions.

You can land on all of these islands and gather resources, but be very careful! Hungeris not the only danger here, deadly animals are all around you, and even the food might represent a hidden risk!


Explore! Travel from island to island, collect resources and discover secrets!

Craft! Make tools, weapons and more to help you survive!

Build! Make bridges between islandsor even a floating base!

Fight! Defend yourself from the dangers hidden on the islands!

You can also follow us on other platforms:

Install instructions

Click "Download or claim" button.

Extract the files by right clicking the downloaded file and choosing extract here. Make sure the .exe file and Data folder is in the same location.

Run the .exe file.

The Lost World

More about this game here.

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