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The amount of Batman iterations that have existed since conception could easily staff a fighting game roster.

At any rate...

Fighting video games can make for a great getaway. Feel free to peruse and play a few of these...


Midjungard video game Developed by Plus Infinity Studios and published by Plus Infinity Studios

Developed by Plus Infinity Studios and published by Plus Infinity Studios

Set in an ancient Tolkien-inspired Norse world, Midjundgard faces players off in intense 3v3 hack n slash matches. Here is our Discord server for finding Midjungard players : Multiplayer PvP is set in an almost prehistoric misty world, where strange creatures roam this fabled earth which later becomes the Midgard of Viking mythology. This Midjungard by the way, is carried through in the legendarium of JRR Tolkien's cosmology too.

6 players, formed into 2 teams, are dropped into this ancient land of myth and magic. The teams fight in a PvP mode and acquire points for each enemy kill. Respawning is allowed. When the game timer expires, usually around 15 minutes, the team with the highest points is the winner.

The focal point of the game is the central Altari, a pedestal that holds the ultimate weapon UrHamar.

Midjungard features three playable classes for the players to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Sverdur the Paladin is clad in sturdy plate and armed with a sword and shield making him exceptional at defence. Armed with a bow, and deadly accurate in ranged combat is Jaegra the Huntress. Lastly, Smidur the man-beast capable of delivering a fatal blow with his long axe in one swipe.

Once inside the game they can morph into the frighteningly powerful Berserker avatar by two ways:

By looting in the level for the elusive magical potion GladursBrugga.

By capturing the UrHamar mounted on a central pedestal on the Altari.

The level map is vast and varied. The Altari will spawn at different locations for each game. A ring of fire, called as Myrcki, will also be spawned around the Altari. Myrcki are fiery, flesh-eating insects and will start shrinking as soon as the game starts. One cannot step out of this Myrcki circle without being eaten alive.

A player will respawn after death but will do so at the periphery. Heshe will need to run towards the action after the respawn but will keep all loot that was collected so far in the game.

Soon as the game starts, look for the sky-high beacon in the map that indicates the location of the central Altari. This is where the final battle will probably occur. Another valid approach is to play tactically by first looting for potions, additional weapons and additional powerups. This will you them better prepared for the final battle.

Engage your enemies from afar using missile weapons. Use melee weapons at close range to finish the fight.

If you have enough Brugga, a magical potion, you can enable special attacks and set your enemy aflame. Other potions to loot for are Helsa to heal damage and of course Galdursbrugga to morph into a Berserker.

The Berserker's special ability is to throw Spheres of Entrapment to stun you. He can also, with enough Brugga, completely become invisible for a few seconds just to sneak up behind you with his terrible war hammer at the ready.

Players can also loot for power-ups hidden in the caches. These give you level-ups for strength, attack, dexterity and speed.

Winning in Midjungard requires good movement and skillful weapons usage with a judicious mix of magic and special abilities. Above all a group that fights as a team wins as a team.


Midjungard video game Developed by Plus Infinity Studios and published by Plus Infinity Studios video screen

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GORN video game by raithza

Made by raithza

GORN is a ludicrously violent, fully physics based VR Gladiator simulator for the HTC Vive.

The version here is a very early prototype - not even a demo!The complete version of the game is available on Steam . The full version features more polish, more weapons, a campaign, literal eyepopping and better gameplay.

I'd like to thank the community for the support and help in making GORN - without you guys it definitely would not be possible. I hope the final version lives up to everyone's expectations!


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QUICKDRAW video game Developed by Fantasma Collective LLC and published by Fantasma Collective LLC

Developed by Fantasma Collective LLC and published by Fantasma Collective LLC

QUICKDRAW is a fast-paced, easy to pick up western shootout that'll have you on the edge of your seat waiting for the perfect moment to draw fire, dodge a bullet, or catch your opponent when they least expect! The only catch - your controls are randomly generated! Only the quickest thinking outlaw will prevail in this RPS-style retro experience!


QUICKDRAW video game Developed by Fantasma Collective LLC and published by Fantasma Collective LLC video screen

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Brave Doggy Quest

Brave Doggy Quest video game Developed by UI factory and published by khukhrovr

Developed by UI factory and published by khukhrovr

Mysterious creatures have stolen your entire supply of your favorite bones and scattered them all over the place, but they never imagined that they had contacted the wrong dog! In this 2D platformer, to satisfy your hunger and thirst for revenge, you embark on a long journey to take loot from your enemies, who have hidden among deadly traps and dangerous obstacles. Can you overcome all the incredible levels and get to the very end?

You play as Athena the Dog, overcome mysterious creatures using your dexterity and abilities


Nice graphics

Nice soundtrack by ChillMindscapes

an unforgettable adventure

Brave Doggy Quest

Brave Doggy Quest video game Developed by UI factory and published by khukhrovr video screen

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Diskophoros video game by Nikolas Mählmann

Made by Nikolas Mählmann

Diskophoros (Greek: "Discus-Bearer") is a fast-paced local multiplayer fighting game. Face your friends in thrilling laser disc combat on ever changing procedurally generated maps. You can download the alpha version below and follow its development on twitter: nmaehlmann


procedurally generated maps

local multiplayer for up to 4 players

various powerups

rebindable controls

an awesome soundtrack by BARCHboi and Graham Kartna

How to play:

Controls can be configured in game. Even though binding the controls to keyboard keys is possible, a controller for each player is strongly recommended. I've had most fun using the following bindings:

movement axis: move your character, aim, duckjump: jump while ducking to fall through a platformattack: throw your disc, press again to recall itpowerup: use a picked up powerupPowerups:Powerups, after being picked up, spawn an icon above your characters head. Some powerups can only be activate, when you carry or don't carry your disc. This is indicated by the icons opacity.[] Comet Strike:Throw your disc with high speed.[] Laser Beam:A deadly laserconnects your character and your disc temporarily.[] Quick Recall:Your disc speeds up and returns to you, even passing through walls.[] Invisibility:You become temporarily invisible.[] Teleport:Your character and your disc swap places.[] Rewind:Your character is followed by a shadow of its past self. Activate to jump back to a former position.[] Shield:Temporarily blocks of your opponents discs.Troubleshooting:While already playable, Diskophoros is still in alpha. If you find any bugs or have feedback, please let me know. Below is a technical FAQ. Click the arrows to expand: Why do I get a message from the windows firewall? The game runs too fast. I have trouble configuring my gamepads.


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Legendary Boxing Belt

Legendary Boxing Belt video game Developed by Divine Blacksmith and published by Divine Blacksmith

Developed by Divine Blacksmith and published by Divine Blacksmith

Physics based combat will allow you to block or counter your opponents attacks. Aim properly to not hit the enemy while guarded.You will combat many opponents form four different races such as elfs, humans, orcs and demons. All of them with their own unique style and abilities, some of which bend the laws of nature. The old man will tell you everything about the world.Dwarven machines will help you prepare for battle. Clever and sometimes dangerous contraptions will help you train every muscle in your body.Every race has their own unique arena with boxers to fight against. You need to conquer them all in order to obtain the Legendary Boxing Belt.

Legendary Boxing Belt

Legendary Boxing Belt video game Developed by Divine Blacksmith and published by Divine Blacksmith video screen

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Fighting Fiends

Fighting Fiends video game Developed by Lex de Kogel and published by Lex de Kogel

Developed by Lex de Kogel and published by Lex de Kogel

Discover A New Kind Of Fighting Game!

Fighting Fiends is a top-down fighting game which can be played with 2 to 4 players, both locally and online! It features a unique combo system that requires you to read your opponent to get big combos.

Rollback Netcode

Fighting Fiends has rollback netcode! Rollback is the best kind of netcode for fighting games, basically it means online matches will be smooth even at relatively high ping.



A national hero who protects the land from evil...

Leon has fast movement and attack speed but short range. When up close he will beat you up with powerful mix-ups and combos.


His motives are unclear, is it even the same rat every time? Rumor has it he's a big shot in the underground Rat Mafia, if such a thing even exists...

Rat's movement speed is very fast and his forward facing attacks are strong, but he has trouble turning around. To make up for it he can stand on his hind legs and move around more freely at the cost of being hard to control.


Not too long ago Leons little brother Nic fused with a demon named Olas, together they have been terrorizing the land ever since...

Nicolas is a powerful but somewhat slow setup character. He is most powerful when his opponent is in his fireballs range which he can explode remotely.

More characters to come...

Fighting Fiends

Fighting Fiends video game Developed by Lex de Kogel and published by Lex de Kogel video screen

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TORB video game by jasonrosenstock

Made by jasonrosenstock

TORB is the ultimate game of physics-based swordplay! Like a puppet, the character's every move is tied to springs, joints and wheels that you trigger in simple, familiar ways to produce true free-form combat.Blades clash, slide and behavelike real world physical objects!

There are no character animations in TORB. The fight is happening immediately in a virtual, but physically-grounded world. Each fight, each swing, each individual collision is completely unique and can always surprise you!



TRUE FREE-FORM COMBAT - Create your own techniques, styles and moves. Unique control system allows for first-time TORBersto jump in and have fun while givingcagey, battle-testedmasters endless depth and possibilities.

VERSUS -UP TO 4 PLAYER LOCAL MULTIPLAYER (Teams or free-for-all) -Dynamic, lightning-fast chess matches where opponents must react to each each other in split second real-time. Players lookfor actual, exploitable openings that dynamically emerge and then strike with zen-like immediacy.Great duels and team battles build to a fever pitch, and only mastery can determine the outcome!

WAVES -UP TO4 PLAYER CO-OP or SINGLE PLAYER - Face an ever-spawning Gorblyn army on 3 completely different stages, each with unique phsyical structures for you to use to your advantage. Only razor wits and sharp teamwork can save you from the onslaught!

SANDBOX -UP TO4 PLAYER CO-OP or SINGLE PLAYER- With your mouse, create your own combat scenarios. Place dummies to test moves, create meditative exercises against AI, or stage ENORMOUS, GAME CRASHING BATTLES!


IMPORTANT NOTE!TORB is best played with a controller! It works with mousekeyboard, but it has been designed for analog sticktrigger controllers.


Hide UI

Control Rumble Strength - Xbox One controllers are much newer than our game's engine version, so they behave a bit strangely. In particular, somehave unusually strong rumble in TORB. Lower this value if it's too nuts.

Music Volume - Did you know our music is dynamic? As AI enemies spawn, their theme mixes fluidly with the other enemies' themes, forming a SYMPHONY OF DEATH.

Gravity Scale - This can get nuts, but go for it.

Shield Recharge Time - Turning this down really changes the game.

Total Bops to win Free For All - Changes the target number of bops needed to win a TORBmatch when its every TORB for itself.

Total Bops to win Free For All - Changes the target number of bops needed to win a TORBmatch when its TeamTORBs time. There I said it.


KNOWN UNKNOWNS - TORB is an old project with lots of experimenting and tinkering under its hood. When you make a game about a crystal dimension of infinite, uniquesword battles, you pay for it with some mysteries. To be honest, we don't really know all thecrazy stuff that canhappen in TORB.Its never lived out in the wild, so be prepared for some unpredictable things. Its a weird little game, but it loves to be played and its can always surprise you!

STARTUP - Its so weird how it takes so long to get to that unity splash screen. Sorry.

WEAPONS - The game is currently balanced for the main weapon, the CRYSTAL BLADE! However, you can try out some alternate weapons in any game mode. THESE WEAPONS ARE NOT AT ALL BALANCED AGAINST EACH OTHER.

WAVES (THE BRIDGE)- That map is big, but it was made in less than a month, so sometimes enemies get stuck in strange crevasses! This is lousy because then you can't end the wave and you have to restart. Sorry, it bothers us too.

WAVES (THE BRIDGE)- Sometimes a buddy gets stuck on a wall. If you've played waves, YOU'LL KNOW WHO WE MEAN. Use your grapple to un-stick them.

WAVES (THE BRIDGE) (sigh) - Sometimes the gates are a bit hard to open. They are completely physical contraptions so they can be a bit unpredictable.

WAVES (DOOM DONUT) - Some slowdown due to insasne physics goign on.


TORB created by Adrian Lopez-Mobilia and Jason Rosenstock

Music by Gabe Lopez-Mobilia

Massive 'THANK YOU' to everyone who encouraged us to keep working on TORB. Its a little game, but to us, its a really huge, personal project.Thank you for understanding that and helping to keep the TORB alive!

TORB heroes include:

Alex Thomas, Rusty Moyer,Julia Lopez-Mobilia, Evelyn Cecilia Lopez-Mobilia,Karina Bonin, Stephen Foster, Ali Chenitz, Michael Elder, Jeffrey Visgaitis, Nathan Swaney and anyone else who got roped into late night playtests over the years!

Special shout out toNick Stohlman, Cameron Newman, Michael Garcia and the rest of the TORB enclave at Avalanche for lunchTORBING and pushing TORB to its limits!


For more TORB news follow us at:join theTORB Discord!


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