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In a bright game a child giggling is cute, but if you add a dark aspect to the game it suddenly becomes creepy.

But, imagine, if you will...

You should give the new cute fighting games covered below a go if you're up for a fresh challenge and, presumably, plenty of fun to boot!

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope video game Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios

Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios

Survive the zombie apocalypse by yourself or with your friends in this low poly post apocalyptic world. Survive, build your base and fight the zombies. But beware, you aren't the only one trying to survive. There are other survivors in proceduraly generated bases that will shoot you on sight!


There's a lot of stuff to do besides surviving in the apocalyptic world, if you are good enough, you can make your life after the apocalypse even better than the one before it. Are you up to the challenge?

That's right, you are able to tear limbs from zombies just by shooting at them or smacking them with a melee weapon, but that's not enough, they will keep coming at you until you destroy their brain. Once again, with a melee weapon or a shot to the head.

When they lose their legs, they will start crawling and lose a lot of their movement speed, and if you take their arms as well, you can hold them as a pet, but they will definitely bite!

Since democracy and negotiation doesn't work on zombies, there's many weapons in Polycalypse.

Ranging from simple melee and ranged weapons to heavy mounted machineguns and traps like landmines, spikes and bear traps. Oh yeah, and there's a KATANA!

He might look cute but when you realize that his diet consists of zombie and human flesh, you might change your mind. Keep your trusty companion well fed to gain "Trust" and he will listen to your commands such as attacking enemies, looking for loot etc..

If you don't like dogs (come on), you can leave him in the base without losing anything but his trust.

The dog will only be available in story mode.

There's a lot of disabled and broken vehicles in the apocalypse, but you can scrap whatever is good and assemble one fully functioning vehicle, or two.

You are able to manually install some vehicle parts which allows you to replace, repair or upgrade your vehicles. You can put a racecar engine inside a combine harvester if that's your thing.

Some parts that you can manually change are: engine, wheels, car battery, headlight bulbs..

Axes and chaisaws have another purpose besides cutting zombies into pieces, they can also cut wood into pieces, literally!

You gather wood by first cutting down a tree, then you need to cut it into logs, or in smaller pieces if neccessary.

Wood is used for building as well as cooking and... setting fires. You can set fires inside procedurally generated enemy bases if you are stealthy enough!

You can build bases piece by piece if you have the required materials to do so. Every built object is destructible, doesn't matter if it's built by a player or an AI survivor.

You need to take care about making your building solid and stable because pieces can fall down if they don't have enough support!

You are able to craft DIY items such as molotov coctails, arrows, flaming arrows etc. by using the workshop table.

You can also upgrade your weapons by installing variety of attachments like scopes, grips, compensators, lasers, flashlights, and for super sneaky missions, silencers.

What is the point of surviving if there's no other good survivors? Team up with your friends and show those zeds that the fight is still not over!

We currently support CO-OP multipayer mode.

These guys do not like the idea of negotiation either, they will shoot you on sight!

Enemy survivors live in their procedurally generated bases that are filled with loot. If you manage to beat them one way or another, you are free to take whatever you want from their stockpile!

You don't have to be stronger to beat them, you only need to be smarter, you can lead hordes of zombies on their location and watch the battle unfold.

After being killed with their brain intact, these survivors will turn into ZOMBIES! That's right, you never know if you are safe around these so make sure you confirm your kills!

Since the power was gone after the apocalypse, the only way of powering your electronic devices is by using generators.

Generators use fuel to generate power, and they are very loud... and zombies are attracted by sound so be careful!

You can use power to light up your base, activate some decoys and traps, recharge car batteries etc.

Game modes

There will be 3 game modes in Polycalypse: Last bit of hope:

Arcade mode

Sandbox mode (WIP)

Story mode (WIP)

Arcade mode test your fighting capabilities where you survive endless waves of zombies, each one harder than the previous one. But don't be discouraged, harder waves will give you better rewards after completing them. You can buy airdrops, information about enemy camp locations besides all the weapons and items that the store is filled with. Build a base, stock up on ammunition and give them hell! How long will you survive?

Sandbox mode, on the other side, tests your survival capabilities where it sets you in a world full of zombies and loot and lets you survive on your own or with the help of your friends. Thanks to the random events, both good and bad, your survival capabilities will be pushed to the max. Will you be able to withstand managing your basic needs while dealing with the apocalypse and greedy survivors, or will you turn into another victim of the virus?

Story mode will tell you a short story about the protagonist and his dog. After all the events of the virus, the world we know was lost, people that we knew were not the same, everything has changed. Just as the protagonist loses all his hope for humanity, he hears a voice from another survivor through the radio: "Scavenger One, you went radio silent, did you manage to get the gas?". He realises that this radio is connected to a larger group of people which gives him last bit of hope for finding survivors..

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope video game Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios video screen

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Super Slime Arena

Super Slime Arena video game by JellyTeam

Made by JellyTeam

Every 10,000 years the sun descends on Planet Blorb and the call of the Grand Arena rings out across all the land, beckoning its slimy denizens to battle! Countless slimes journey far and wide for a chance to be immortalized as true champions of technique to all slimekind!

Super Slime Arena is a multiplayer party fighting game embracing equal parts accessibility and chaos. Every slime has a unique attack and every attack is a one-hit-KO. Every time your slime gets KO'd, you respawn as a different character. True mastery demands understanding of 32 slimes with unique qualities, and learning how their abilities interact in over a thousand possible match-ups!

Play on 12 unique stages in 5 different game modes. Dive in to the chaotic action of Shuffle mode, or carefully consider each matchup while picking and counter-picking slimes for Elimination mode. Explore the wilds of the Rainbow Jungle, ricochet off walls in Lucky Neko Pinball, or fight between high-speed trains at Country Slime Station. Enjoy handmade 16-bit pixel art backgrounds and an original retro-inspired soundtrack from over a dozen different artists!

Fight with all of your friends, and all of your controllers! Enter the arena using nearly any controller from retro to modern, fight sticks or flight sticks, plastic guitars and bongos! We don't put any limits on which controllers you can use, or how many controllers you can use. The game supports as many players as you have controllers for, both local and online!

Inspired by a plethora of 90's Japanese console games and modern party game classics, Super Slime Arena seeks to capture the unique joy of playing together in a friendly and approachable fighting game for everyone!


Fast and frantic multiplayer battles at 60 frames per second, live and die like a slime!

2-50 Players (local and online, 2-8 players recommended)

Native support for a weird and wide variety of controllers with full customization

Simple, intuitive controls (move, jump, and attack)

32 slimes, each with a unique ability and flavor

12 stages, including a special Slime-san crossover stage

Cute, handcrafted pixel art

5 Different Game Modes with both stock and timed options teams:

Shuffle: Play through all slimes in a random order, switching each time you are KO'd

Elimination: Pick slimes before the match, survive as long as possible

Swap: Choose 3 slimes and switch between them at any time

Monobattle: Score points by winning consecutive rounds where each player is the same slime

Slime Rush: Be the first to get one KO with every slime

Fantastic retro soundtrack by over a dozen different artists: Slime Girls, RedGreen, Shannon Mason (Pongball), Harry Lodes (KAIRI - 乖離), Ruri Matsumura, Jean of mArc, Commandycan, Mark Sparling, Alex Mor, Alejandro Moros, Sean Thornton, Rob Karpay, Rachel Hartanto, and Kommisar!

Super Slime Arena

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Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits video game Developed by Flashbulb and published by Flashbulb

Developed by Flashbulb and published by Flashbulb

Rubber Bandits throws players into a wild party brawler to steal, smash, and scavenge as much cash as you can! Prepare for hilarious physics-based combat with wacky weapons and a huge lineup of criminal characters. Dodge deadly traps, bash rival bandits, and race from the cops to commit the perfect heist - but dont forget to bag the loot!Competitive Criminals: Play with friends or against other bandits online to escape victorious! Join your partners in crime with local co-op gameplay, or create the perfect criminal dream team with two people from one PC.Lawbreaking Levels: Defy the laws of physics and bust out your bandits from highly destructible levels in classic heist themes like The Bank, The Museum and The Docks. Battle it out in Brawl mode, execute the perfect robbery in Heist mode, or become a criminal mastermind in singleplayer Arcade mode!Felonious Fashion: Customise your criminal looks in one of many classic bandit disguises: from cowboy outlaw and cat burglar, to rubber onesie and banana suit.Wicked Weaponry: Use everything at your disposal to win against your opponents and get the goods! Choose from 20 different weapons, from baguettes to rocket launchers, and dodge your way through the destructible levels to smash and grab the cash.

Rubber Bandits

Rubber Bandits video game Developed by Flashbulb and published by Flashbulb video screen

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Renaine video game Developed by Octosoft and published by Octosoft

Developed by Octosoft and published by Octosoft

Hey boyo, Mr. Octopus here and youre in for a wild ride. This games Renaine, and Im your favorite shopkeeper here to walk you through the setup!This heres Aine, shes an orange knight with a feather to pick with a Dragon who did her dirty. Thats no good, but what can ya do? Lucky for her, boyo, she can take a spin at this whole life as many times as she needs to cause shes the Phoenix Knight! pretty neat huh? Especially cause shell need it, boyo! Shes gotta go through the entire kingdom of Lineria, from the mechanized forest of Shellwood to the steep climb of Eastwest Mountain, shes gotta hop bop n roll through it all!But yanno, lifes not all about violence, boyo, this whole kingdoms full of oddballs, weirdos, serious individuals with deep backstories, and octopi looking for some help! Do the whole hero thing enough times and theyll give you emblems to mess around with thatll let you change up the game! Thats in addition to secret feathers, bestiary entries, permanent upgrades, and all that good stuff that makes a game worth playing, boyo, this is the full deal!Thats all I gotta say, boyo, find me in the game at my Very Special Item Shop (TM) and youll see for yourself!Renaine is a game about overcoming failure. Aine, the Phoenix Knight, is tasked by fate to destroy the legendary Dragon. Should she die, she will return. Again and again until the Dragon is slain.Hop, Bop and Roll through Lineria, the world of Renaine! Chat up a cast of colorful characters! Solve problems! Fail! A lot! Overcome failure! Fail again! Lots of fun in Renaine!An adventure through an intriguing world steeped in history and whimsyColorful characters and puzzling quests that explore Renaines rich loreSmooth and responsive gameplay, perfect for speedrunning or just feelin good!Dozens of emblems and permanent upgrades to acquire and masterButtery smooth animation running at 60fpsVibrant, unique, art by Atsuzaki, THC Gourami and SinclairStrangeAn unforgettable, hi-fidelity soundtrack by Mason Lieberman with guests like Kevin Penkin (Made in Abyss), Substantial (Nujabes) and Casey Lee Williams (RWBY)Chompy!Howdy, Squidly here and Ive been at this project for like 2 years now for some reason. Seriously, whos idea was that? But yanno, me and my core team of way-too-good-for-me devs have kept at this for so many years cause we deeply believe in it. We believe this game deserves to exist, its story deserves to be told, its world deserves to be explored, and we have worked tirelessly in service of that. From day one what weve wanted was to make something you come back to a decade from now and think about. We hope that you get to know Aine and her world, and we hope through figuring this game out, youll feel that you yourself are a part of this too. For as long as Ive lived Ive dreamed of making a world that people would want to explore filled with characters that theyd get to know and feel for. Through its loooong development, however, Ive discovered a game is greater than its parts. Lemme tell you - it took us two Kickstarters to make this happen. We got our butt kicked hard repeatedly. But what brought us back up every time was the community, our humble Discord, our backers, our fan artists and speedrunners. This game is not just about Aines journey, its not just about yours either, what this game is about is the journey we all take together. That special connection people have when they join together to do the impossible, to slay that dragon, thats what this games about. It took a gajillion hours of effort from way more people than just the core dev team to make this happen, and hopefully it shows. I hope Renaine is gonna be that kind of game that lasts, a true modern classic, and wed be honored if youd join us to its finish!


Renaine video game Developed by Octosoft and published by Octosoft video screen

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Bomsy video game by SUPERMEGAQUEST


Bomsy is a fast, aim-based, multiplayer arena brawler with destructible maps. Take out your opponents by launching bombs in their direction, breaking the ground from under them, or pushing them off the edge! Go after your enemies right off the bat or dig around and hoard upgrades before you decide to engage. The map is your playground; swing off blocks, blast jump to high ground, or quickly roll to safety. With so many ways to get around, Bomsy is made to feel smooth, responsive, and rewarding. Round up your friends and start playing in the bright and colourful world of Bomsy!


7 different maps, each with unique level mechanics!

70 block layouts!

Lots of items and per-round upgrades!

6 player local multiplayer!

6 player online multiplayer!

Play against bots! (available in local play only and in certain game modes)

Create online lobbies just for you and your friends or join public games!

Tons of skins to unlock!(Gift boxes containing skins are dropped at random by destroying blocks in game)

Multiple game modes!

Customize your matches! Control item counts, round time, rounds to win, comeback, etc.

Bomsy is best played with a controller.

Minimum Requirements

Processor: Intel Core i5 AMD Ryzen 3

Memory: 4GB

Graphics: GeForce GTX 480, Radeon HD 7900


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Tsukisas Arena

Tsukisas Arena video game Developed by veryOK and published by veryOK

Developed by veryOK and published by veryOK

A Water Fighter

Tsukisas Arena is a competitive action game set in a water tank.

Jump! Dive! Swim! If you can stub your opponent with your pointed head, you win!

Amazingly simple controls and rules make for a deep gameplay experience!


You have arrived at the office of the genius scientist, Professor Seeka, as an assistant.

However, she is in a terrible predicament.

Welcome, my new assistant!

Right off the bat, my lab is... going to be gone next month!"

The only way out of this crisis is to do some amazing things in this month and get your budget back.

You put your professor and your future on the line as you begin to study a mysterious creature with a pointy head.


A simple, deep, groundbreaking mechanics competitive action game!

Story mode for all ages in which you and a genius scientist engage in "secret research"!

PvP mode with local multiplayer!

Cute, poppy, "moving vector graphics" and a bottomlessly optimistic soundtrack!

Tsukisas Arena

Tsukisas Arena video game Developed by veryOK and published by veryOK video screen

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Unicorns on Unicycles

Unicorns on Unicycles video game Developed by Weyrdworks and published by Rogue Games, Inc.

Developed by Weyrdworks and published by Rogue Games, Inc.

Turn your horns into swords in this wacky and sweet physics-driven rainbowcore fighting game featuring jousting unicorns. Battle against other colorful unicorns on many unique levels while balancing on your trusty unicycle.Sharpen your horn and get ready for a bloody, mythical rainbow showdown!Learn the art of unicorn jousting. Balance, bait, backdash, parry, riposte, and pierce your enemies into submission.Embark on a single-player adventure through the multiverse where no two levels are alike.All new rogue-like game mode called Survival Legends featuring 33 unique selectable perks to change how you play the game.Sharpen polish your horns to take on a roster of colorful unicorns and destroy friendships when you battle and humiliate your buddy in local multiplayer (PvP) on the same device.More than 30 joust levels, each with unique physical properties that change up your unicorn-sword tactics.

Unicorns on Unicycles

Unicorns on Unicycles video game Developed by Weyrdworks and published by Rogue Games, Inc. video screen

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Irrational Karate

Irrational Karate video game by Never Rest Studio

Made by Never Rest Studio

Play the latest WebGL build on Poki(supported by ads)


Irrational Karate is a fighting game for people that like the idea of beat em ups but were never really good enough to play them. It's a game for people that enjoy mercilessly thumping their enemies but wished it could all look cuter. Mostly, though, it's a game originally created for Bitgem's 9th Game Jam.

Despite the game jam being over(and Irrational Karate placing 1st - wooh!), my work on this game is not. Having teamed up with the talented guys at Bitgem, we'relooking to continue development and expand the content, clean up any remaining rough edges, and release on more platforms. I'll keep the dev log posted with updates as they happen and will upload new builds as and when sensible milestones are reached.

Irrational Karate is currently free on itch (genuinely free - no ads, and please feel free to share it with people), but any donations are incredibly welcome as they'll directly help fund further development on this andother current and future projects.

P.S. Oh, and the web version should be fine, but I'd definitely recommend the download version for qualitystability etc.


Xbox Controller (recommended)

Left Thumbstick - Move leftright, jump, crouch

A - KickOK

B - Back

X - Quick Attack

Y - Heavy Attack

START - PauseBack


Arrow Keys - Move leftright, jump, crouch

S - Kick

A - Quick Attack

W - Heavy Attack

ESC - PauseBack


Irrational Karate

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