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The mailman has never been in your house, so as far as your dog knows, their barking is working..

That said...

Goosebump alert! These are some seriously strange house tales. Proceed with caution...


When Lisa Finch moves to a small town in Scotland after her parents' divorce, the least she expects is to see ghosts.

Meanwhile, Cornelius Haywood has died for almost a century and despises the living.

Yet, his spirit is trapped in the house Lisa moves into.

When they cross path, Lisa begins to question Cornelius' existence - the key to his unfinished business which she's eager to discover.

However, their gradual interaction turns into a ticking bomb, as Lisa finds herself falling for the ghost and realizing there's no possible force in this universe can bring them a 'happily ever after'.

Highest Rank: 8 in Paranormal Romance COMPLETED

Translucent on Wattpad

There's something going on in my house.

Let me start by saying this has been going on for over a year now. Some days are really bad, some days absolutely nothing happens.

I live in a rural area. I have lived in this house since my son was 2 years old (he'll be 16 in May). Nothing at all happened or felt weird up until about 3 years ago.

I was sitting on my patio in the summer. All of the sudden I got the feeling someone was watching me. My son wasn't home at the time and I was alone.

My house is surrounded by wooded areas. My actual driveway is almost 12 mile long from street to my house. I looked towards the woods at the back of my house and saw a man standing in front of a tree. He was older, I'd say he looked to be in his 70s. He was wearing a dark suit, the color was faded black. He did absolutely nothing but stand there staring. He was bald and the left side of his head looked like a deflated basketball for lack of a better description.

He made me nervous and I went back inside my house.

Fast forward to present. My son and I have seen this many many times. He never leaves the woods, doesn't speak and doesn't try to do anything. We've become used to him. We respect his area, he respects ours.

About 3 months ago in early October, I was walking my dog in our yard. She started barking and took off running into the woods. I yelled for her to stop and caught up to her about 400ft in. I grabbed her leash, before I could turn to head back home, she started growling. My dog loves people, wouldn't hurt a fly, but her growl was vicious. I finally turned around. There was a man standing there approximately 4ft away. Never heard him or saw him approached. There's no reason for him to be in the woods behind my house. My closest neighbor is a mile down the road. He was also dressed in a suit. A navy blue one, blonde hair, roughly mid 30s. He caught me off guard and I said "OH! You scared me." He replied "beautiful day out today". I said yes, it is and began moving to walk around him. I got beside him and had the most awful case of nausea to the point my mouth filled with saliva and I thought I'd vomit.

I kept walking with my dog. I didn't want him to follow me to my house because my son was in there alone so I walked along the wooded edge all the way to the top of my driveway. I looked back several times and didn't see him. After a few minutes, I began going back down my driveway to home. My son called me and said...I thought you were in the backyard? I said no, I walked up to the road and we're heading back now. He said "mom, a man came to the door and said to tell you that it's very rude to walk away during a conversation".

Since that day, things have happened at least 3 times a week. I found a tooth laying on my kitchen floor. I found a small pendant cross on my window sill. I've had bruises on my arm that look like fingerprints. My dog died from metastasized sarcoma on what we thought was just a sprained shoulder. The same day my dog passed my son and I both saw this man again. Well, we saw his face, but his body was grayish white. His arms were unusually long and his legs were just as long and he was crouched down in a position like a spider.

My son is terrified and wants to move. I'd be on board with that idea as well if it weren't for the fact this manthing followed me to a friend's house one day and she saw him too.

Posted on Reddit by Young_B32978.

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I finally got the sexy Goth Girlfriend of my dreams, and she invited me to her house for the night!

I realized my fatal mistake only too late as she locked the door behind me, and I saw in the mirror she had no reflection.

Posted on Reddit by AJ_Crowley_29.

I think I messed up by provoking something in my house.

Rational believer here. I believe in the supernatural, yeah, but I dont think everything that goes bump in the night is a ghost. But things are getting a little too surreal, even for my head.

I live in a small, two bedroom house. Its cozy, but comfortable. Ive lived here for about two years.

Things started off harmless enough. Doors were always being closed that were left open, creaks in the house, random things seemed to be moved. Nothing that would like immediately draw fear.

My girlfriend said that she felt like she had eyes on her when I was at work and claimed that she was constantly seeing something moving towards the back of the house.

All doubt sort of got erased when we walked in the house one day and the back room door slammed shut. I thought we might have an intruder, so I loaded up my pistol and went in, but there was nothing there. Finally we just decided to have the house blessed.

Well that didnt help. My girlfriend left to take care of her dad and I was the one who had to endure the house. I started experiencing weird things like my laundry being thrown around and once found my boots sitting on the kitchen counter. The house is double windowed, because the old lady who owned it before me was really paranoid, so its near impossible to break in. Its doable, but unlikely.

To me I noticed things were getting increasingly weird when I closed the door that leads from the living room to the kitchen. Anytime it was closed, something from the other side would try and open it. I thought this was just air flow until I started noticing that the knob was twisting. It was the equivalence of a toddler trying to open the door. But it would try in increments of three. Two light pulls, then one hard yank. Thats when I figured I was dealing with a haunting. Like there was officially no more doubt.

One night after working a 16 hour day, the door started pulling aggressively. I was already in a funky mood, so I got up and stormed into the kitchen, where I started screaming at whatever the hell is in the house. I was so damn frustrated, that I said if you wanna freaking go, then well go. As I walked back into the living room a sugar jar flew off the counter and hit my stove, which was only about a foot to the left of me. I was scared, but I stayed in the house.

Next came issues while I was asleep. I would wake up about ten minutes to three in the morning, where I would get the impression that somebody was standing behind the door of the kitchen. I would freeze from being so scared. One night while I was asleep I actually heard footsteps running towards me, and when I woke up, the door to the kitchen was wide open. This would be the first time that the door was actually successfully opened. I also have a small desk statue of the sirens from Greek mythology. While home one night, I heard a thud in the back room and found that the statue had been decapitated. The base of the figure was still on my desk, but the heads were on the ground.

Also while in that same room, I was checking something on my computer, and something behind me slammed into the wall. It sounded like somebody had taken their palm and just hit it really hard. I was almost numb to it by then.

The last encounter I had, maybe five days ago, was when I got called to work about 330 in the morning. I was pulling out of my driveway, when I saw something walking by the window. When I did a double take, I saw what looked like a shadowy figure staring back at me. I get the chills even typing it out.

I plan on moving, due to work, but I want this settled. I dont want this to pass on to the next group of folks that roll through the house. I dont really know what to do. I know it wouldnt be my problem, but the last thing I want is for a family to move in and have to deal with this. Thoughts?

Edit: I was able to get into contact with a medium in a nearby city, but I kicked him out of the house. He was delusional. I wont get into him much here. It was just a waste of time.

I did however, find the previous owners granddaughter, who I wasnt even aware existed. She agreed to a phone conversation where some things were told to me that may add to some form of answer.

She mentioned that when her great grandmother lived in the house, her mother had hired a live in Nanny, who stayed in what is now my home office, which is where we saw the door slamming. Not sure if thats an actual connection. But, I found out that her name was Ms. Alice, and she was someone who claimed to be a devout catholic, but in actuality was a voodoo practitioner by night.

Apparently this woman made the children in the house pray to God over black candles. When this happened, the lady who had the place before me, would claim to see a large African American woman standing in the doorway, watching her sleep. This would be the door between my kitchen and my living room.

A few other things were mentioned, such as them hearing scratches along the side of the house, seeing big spiders crawling around on the beds that werent really there, and seeing someones face peering through the windows. Some of this I can somewhat rationalize, but I can also see how its applicable. This is just the most recent info Ive had.

Posted on Reddit by justBret77.

Westerfield Manor

Two girls visit their friend on a remote rural property.

They stay in an old house which makes strange noises at night.

Is it haunted or is something else more sinister going on? They investigate the history of the local area and are shocked at what they discover! A terrible tragedy had struck the small community over 100 years ago and the shock waves were still being felt.

Westerfield Manor on Wattpad

I stood there looking at rubble of my house that had been brought down by the drunk superhero and thought of my wife and 4 kids that had been inside.

He turned to me and said "Don't worry, they're alive in another timeline."

Posted on Reddit by Thedemonwhisperer.

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