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The four elements earth, water, air, and fire actually represent the four states of matter: Solid, liquid, gas, and plasma..

But, wait a sec...

The best of the bizarre... The fire stories that follow are definitely not the norm!

The Boy With The Fire In His Heart

She was the Girl of Fire and her flaming red hair was the source of it.

Ardersa Santiago had always felt that something in her life was missing.

At least that's what Grey Crawford was told when he was sent back to Earth to find her.

He had known his life might as well have been Hell when he aligned himself with the devil.

Still, he hadn't expected such a difficult mission when he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps.

Now he must chase after the Girl of Fire and bring her home.

However, she has no idea who or what she is...

Highest Ranking: 18 in fantasy Cover by: MonicaBerggren

The Boy With The Fire In His Heart on Wattpad

The fire was dying, I was out of matches and my girl was getting cold.

Since she isnt cooked through, Ill have to eat the body raw like with all the others.

Posted on Reddit by my-own-grandfather.

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I won't give myself over to the fire, though the situation may seem dire and the devil proved a liar.

In my efforts at escape I found that human souls keep him away, so I may live another day.

Posted on Reddit by RandomRedditer379.

Angel Bond (Angel Fire Series 1)

Emma's entire life changed the day her father died.

Birds began to follow her and as she grew up, she learnt to rely on herself and trust no one accept her family and Sam, the angel she lives with.

Meeting dark and handsome Luke sets off a chain of events which test bonds and friendships.

She finally gets the answers she has been longing for, with consequences.

Join Emma as she learns her heritage and attempts to achieve her father's last dying wish, along with being the Archangel of Death's soul mate and avoiding enemies desperate to use her for her power.

Can the eighteen-year-old teenager be what everyone expects her to be? All Rights Reserved.


to pandaeyes90 Previously "Light as a Feather"

Angel Bond (Angel Fire Series 1) on Wattpad

Travis Walton and the space suits in Fire In The Sky

So has anyone ever heard Travis Walton mention anything about the alien space suits that was shown in the film "Fire In The Sky"? I think it's a pretty interesting theory, yet I never hear anyone ever discussing this. Im pretty sure it's just a false clip inserted into the film to make his expierence seem way worse. But I still find it pretty intriguing. What's everyone's theory on the possibility that this could be a real thing? Even if it didn't happen to Travis Walton.


Posted on Reddit by Accomplished-Trip-19.

I've been a firefighter for 25 years, and I have four beautiful young children.

My heart began to beat faster as our fire truck turned toward my house.

Posted on Reddit by WrenchLover.

The Visitor

A boy that lost his father in a car accident goes in the woods and finds a necklace with a glass eye into the middle.

He takes the necklace home.

He has yet to know that this necklace will bring his worst nightmares to life.

The Visitor on Wattpad

"Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes!" was what the history book I had read told me.

So I stared straight into my bloodshot eyes and pulled the trigger.

Posted on Reddit by RealityOfDespair.

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