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Baby butterflies do not exist.

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The crazy baby stories in this roundup might make you wonder...

The previous owner of this vehicle had a tragic accident with their baby

If the "Check rear seat" reminder comes on for no reason, I advise you to ignore it.

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Baby Onsie Was Still Buttoned When I Took It Off.

I took my baby's onsie off and the buttons were still buttoned. Which is impossible. It's been a day and I can't comprehend what happened or how I was able go take the onsie off.

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A Baby's Laugh...

All is well until you're alone and you hear a baby laugh.

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At first I told my wife that putting life insurance on the baby was a waste of money.

That was until I saw the bleach and baby food together on the counter and knew exactly what to do.

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I grew up in a period house with a poltergeist who loved babies - A long overdue requested update

I posted here a while back about my earliest memory and a little boy that haunts a local graveyard. I mentioned then that a lot of my experiences back then were probably largely down to the fact that the house I was living in at the time was pretty haunted itself and a handful of people commented or contacted me to ask about it - and then Covid-19 got worse and I got too busy! So anyway, well overdue, here it is:

I dont actually remember any of this to be clear, because I was a baby but Ive been in the house several times since and my parents and others have told the story so many times that I may as well have experienced it. Basically, I grew up in a late eighteenth-century townhouse - or part of it anyway. The building itself was a doctors surgery or GPs office and it was a family home that had been around for generations, my parents rented the top two floors and part of the ground floor. If there were rumours before they moved in they certainly hadnt heard them and for the most part the house was ok, things really only amped up when I was born.

It was an old house, the furniture was all antique, there were portraits on the walls, antique silverware in the basement There were just three bedrooms despite its size and the master bedroom was enormous with high Georgian ceilings and clearly old wallpaper and moulding. It was a beautiful room, and they tried to stay in it - but after the first night it became apparent that it wasnt going to be possible. It was freezing for one thing, and even with the heating on and the fire lit in the room it was just unbearably cold - not great for a newborn. So they moved to the back bedroom instead but the master continued to give them the creeps and they sealed it up, somewhat unsuccessfully.

If you closed the door it popped open again, if you closed the door and locked it then it would be open again by the next morning (always the same amount, just about three inches, only a crack really). If you closed the door, locked it and piled furniture in front of it then the banging from inside would keep the baby (me) awake all night - they convinced themselves that the banging was the result of birds nesting in the chimney rather than something more insidious, but at least it always stopped if you opened the door again. Keep in mind that this is a large, heavy, oak Georgian door with an antique handle that has to be turned to open. They decided that based on the cold of the room it was clearly a draft which was opening the door, closed it every time they went past just to feel proactive and moved on with their lives.

Then I reached the age where I moved out of my parents room and into my own room next door with a baby monitor on at all times to make sure all was well - and it was, except for the other voices that came through it. Whenever I was put to bed by the time they came downstairs theyd hear me babbling away on the baby monitor and slightly more troublingly, a deeper adult voice babbling back. They checked of course, and whenever theyd open the door Id be laughing and reaching for something above me but promptly stop and look at them. Pretty soon they realised there was basically nothing they could do so they just ignored the babbling and kept an ear open for anything more worrying. My mother tried to convince herself that it was probably interference with another baby monitor on the street. The noises sure did freak everybody else out a bit though. My uncle once babysat me when he was just 14 and my parents returned home to find him sat on the front step, shivering and clutching the baby monitor, me babbling away crackling through the speaker. Good to know his policy was to abandon me to the ghosts but it was fine, they didnt ask him back and he told me years later there was no money they could ever have offered him to make him come back anyway

Sometimes when they themselves went to bed things would get a little rowdier. There was an outhouse down the back of the yard and sometimes at night the light would flick on down there at night. Not willing to take the risk that it could be rowdy teenagers burglars my dad would invariably haul himself out of bed and go to check it out and invariably as soon as he left the building the clattering and banging in various rooms would start. I dont know why it wanted my dad out of the house to do so but my mother, used to the house by now, would just roll her eyes and wait for him to come back. One morning they were awakened by banging so loud from the attic that objects on the bedside locker were vibrating and my mum was certain that the roof was going to cave in. My dad jumped up, grabbed a flashlight and went to check it out. He came down ten minutes later when the banging came to an end and told my mother that a bird had gotten in through a loose slate and he managed to get it out. Years later, after they left, he admitted that there was no bird. He just stood up there, terrified, surrounded by knocking and banging that was almost deafening and then all of a sudden it just stopped.

Things really ramped up when my parents decided to go looking for a new place to live. Tired of renting they decided to start saving for a deposit which was perfect because a woman connected to the house by family ties was really keen to move in and was just about to get married - to her this big old house was a dream first home. One day my dad came back from work to find the whole stairs and the walls covered in what he assumed was honey, annoyed, he blamed the babysitter and asked her not to put honey on my pacifier in case she rotted my teeth, she denied even having any honey on her and my dad let it slide, but the walls and stairs were sticky for weeks despite frequent cleaning. The banging got worse too - more birds in the attic he assured my mother.

The lady who was due to move in after we left started sending painters in, and she was dead set on making that grand master bedroom into her own room. The painters came three times. The first time they painted the walls and ceiling, left it to dry etc. and when they came back the next day not only was the paint still wet, it was sloughing off the walls in places like an ill-fitting skin. So they shrugged - it was a cold room - and scraped the paint off to start again. They opened the windows for air (that room always smelled like turned earth my dad says because of the damp and cold), lit a fire in the grate and tried again. Next day, they return, same thing, paint just refusing to stick to the walls. They were annoyed this time, starting the same job once again, but by the time lunchtime came they popped their heads into the kitchen, told my mum theyd be back later and took off unusually quickly. They never came back. They left their paints, brushes, painters cloths - even their radio behind. Dad met them a few days later and asked if they were going to come pick them up and they waved him off: dont worry about it - another painter can take the job. Dad said he asked them if they had seen something and they went quiet for a second before laughing nervously and heading off in the van. Eventually we moved out and left the house behind.

My dad once met the previous tenants in a restaurant and they sheepishly asked how he had liked the house, admitting that they could never even walk past the house anymore. My parents didnt mind it much, but when I asked them if theyd ever go in there again they hesitated. The tenant after us was my dentist growing up and at one appointment she gently asked my mother if she had ever seen anything weird to which my mother laughed and asked what she had seen. The dentist was the owners sister and she told my mum that she had lasted just three months before she left in the night one day with her new husband and handed the keys back to her brother. There was never another tenant. Furthermore, the upper floors have now been boarded up and the stairs removed, nobody, my dentist said will ever go upstairs in that house again.

The weirdest incident happened after we left but as none of the three of us were there we always opted to take it with a pinch of salt. The way she told it to my mother, weird things were happening for weeks after they moved it but like my parents, they pretended it wasnt going on. One day though they could hear trickling water even though there was no rain outside. Obviously in an old house this is less than ideal so they started looking for the source. Their search led them to the basement. The basement always scared my dad - a lifelong sceptic - more than any other area of the house and they didnt tend to go down there pretty much ever so that was fine. It was larger than the footprint of the actual house and contained a vaulted-ceilinged kitchen and laundry as well as servants quarters and rooms piled high with antiques. At best guess its older than the house itself by at least a century and belongs to an earlier building on the site. Anyway, when they opened the door to the basement they were met with the sight of water running down the back wall as if the ceiling had split and was allowing a river to run in through the house.

Obviously they panicked, called a plumber immediately and waited for him to arrive. When he did they brought him down but it had been a half an hour by now, the three of them stood at the foot of the stairs and when they opened the door, six inches of water stayed standing - according to the dentist anyway - at least 3 or four seconds, just enough for it to look totally wrong but not long enough for anyone to say anything before it rushed over their feet. Well, flooding like this required the fire department to vacuum it out so they ran upstairs, feet sopping wet and called for help. When the fire department arrived they traipsed back down, dreaded finding how much water had built up by now with everything in the room being so valuable, opened the door and. Nothing. The room was dry, there was no water, and there was a layer of dust over everything just as there had always been. The dentist thought she was going mad apparently, and the fire department werent especially impressed with being called out on a joke. Obviously as my parents never saw anything like this so theyre not sure of what to make of it, but you never know, details about the history of that part of the town could well point to something that weird happening.

Whatever was in that house was clearly a poltergeist but at the same point it didnt exactly seem to mean any of us any harm, it just liked babies. Its got the house all to itself now with just the doctors surgery operating on the ground floor, I hope its much happier now.

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They say a baby's laughter is the worlds most pure and innocent sound.

It has been 4 days nonstop without sleep and i just saw my smiling wife enter our daughters room with a meat mallet in her hand.

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