Franc Cinelli's "Fly" Will Slap Your Heart Silly

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Soft-spoken poetry blends to placid melody in Franc Cinelli's elegant new tune "Fly".

Americana feel flirts with purest poignancy in this particularly stunning tune.

Chance an idea or two.

One for me. More for you.

Just close your eyes and see.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"One day you might see a bird flying in the sky, free at last..."

Franc forges an unforgettably intimate experience in this lovely track. Gentle as a breeze and beautifully restrained, "Fly" feels like a lifetime of love solidified into wisdom.

Lyrics rest foot-pads on a sonic lake's mirror surface in "Fly". Guitar strings spread ripples like a sloshing hand held at angles to moving water, submerging the senses in a swirl of sounds. This simple combination proves ethereal in feel and full in effect.


"Fly" could be a memory by the vibe it imparts. It could even be another, reaching across the elements, from one state to your own, in a veil-parting embrace.

"Fly" is heart you can hear. Franc feels over air and into your soul in this song. Set aside some time to test it out. You won't regret it.

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