Four Super Surreal Artists Forge a "FANTASTIC WORLD"

Odd Nugget Social-done

An upcoming exhibition at GR Gallery will include surreal art by the likes of Pixel Pancho, Mike Perry, Yoh Nagao and CB Hoyo, all under one roof.

Superb sci-fi themes, vibrantly visionary fantasy imagery and kaleidoscopic color palettes put these artists' pictures in a world of their own.

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A strong commentary on the state of society, especially in the face of technological advancement, is woven into this exhibition - as is the interpretation of imagination through a lens devoid of monetary value.

In pairings of two, the artists involved approach these topics from separate angles, though with similar surreal art viewpoints.

Italian artist Pixel Pancho pits time against technology in his work, demonstrating through dystopian depictions a world of the future fallen and forgotten in the past. The transient fragility of hyper-modern technology is palpable in his art.

Pixel Pancho, Untitled, 2018, oil on hand made wood frame, 40×40 inches-done

Yoh Nagao pairs perfectly with Pancho's purpose, providing a colorful vision of the "indigenous people of the future" whom he's studied in person extensively.

Not lost, but alive, natives of all tribes find balance amidst lights and lingering nature in his art pieces.

Yoh Nagao, Search Man, 2018, acrylic and collage on canvas, 40 x 40 inches-done

Mike Perry puts a childlike spin on spirit with spirited imagery dripping rosy color.

As an artist, he roams and wanders between media, but his message remains locked in step with expression of humanity's inner bliss.

DUCK_PERSON_PLAYING_A_BLOOOOBY-INSTRUMENT_MIKE-PERRY-2018, oil on canvas in artist frame, 30×40 inches-done

Joining in on this exhibition with a message not unlike Perry's, CB Hoyo celebrates life itself in his artwork. Crazy creatures and creative color choices build out a world in which society's fixation on social proof through social media is openly mocked.

CB seems to say a work of art is worth what it means to its maker more than what it means to a crowd.

CB Hoyo, Real or Fake, 2018, Acrlic on canvas, 40×40 inches-done

Stop by GR Gallery for the show from 25 Oct to 25 Nov.


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