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Programmers are the closest thing in real life to wizards writing spells on scrolls that others can cast.

Considering that...

The wizard stories below are equal parts funny and frightening. If you're ready for a weird experience or two, do continue!

Suburban Vampire: Redemption, Book I: The Scourge of God


It's a stressful time for a vampire.

There's a new vampire slayer in town, and she's stalking Scott Campbell, likable everyman vampire.

As if that wasn't enough, Portland's paranormal underground is filled with rumors of an ancient evil that is coming to town, intent on overthrowing the current demonic authorities and installing himself on the infernal throne.

To resist this dark force, the local demons intend to arm themselves with magical weapons and the assistance of a powerful wizard.

This couldn't go wrong, could it? Scott now must stand in the breach between competing evil forces that threaten to tear his city, and his life, apart, and to make matters even worse, the ancient evil being is bringing a couple of Scott's oldest and most hated enemies along for extra measure.

This is one vampire who just can't catch a break!

Suburban Vampire: Redemption, Book I: The Scourge of God on Wattpad

Dolores Umbridge stopped using magic and left the Wizarding World.

Then she got a job as a Muggle primary school teacher.

Posted on Reddit by brenador.

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[SEP21] My master said that this kind of magic would take a lifetime to learn.

As I bathed in the old wizard's blood just like his grimoire said to, as I felt my own consciousness fade as the wizard's began to take over, I finally realized that my lifetime was going to be lived by someone else.

Posted on Reddit by Kal-El-Fornia.

The Book of Shadows For The Modern Witch

This is an educational read for beginners and Intermediates.

This has an abundance of information that will be useful for anyone.

I do not practice Wicca as a religion but i do practice witchcraft as a craft in itself.

I am sharing this with all the witches who need somewhere to start as well as grow from.

This grimoire also works just fine for witches with some experience.

This started out as my own personal book of shadows but I am pleased to share it and give it an educational twist.

Credit is given where it belongs.

Blessed be lt;3

The Book of Shadows For The Modern Witch on Wattpad

First real glitch

Ordered groceries for delivery today, because quarantine. Everything except one item, some fresh fish was in the paper bags. I flag the delivery driver down before he leaves, and ask him to check the back of the truck, but no luck. I wished him well, still gave him a tip for his troubles, and he was on his way. No one had taken anything out of the bags at this point. I walk back inside, and my fish is sitting on the opposite side of the kitchen, completely away from the rest of the paper bags. I'm convinced the dude was a wizard, he had a vibe about him. Ate the fish and it was delicious. Thank you wizard fish delivery man, but also really weird experience.

Posted on Reddit by Milmanoo.

With a final muttered incantation, the Wizard knew he had succeeded in bringing the child back to life.

Now if only he could stop her from screaming so bloody much.

Posted on Reddit by moronicuniform.

The Guardians Book One: The Staff Of Fate

After all these years, magic has been locked-up by a group of people, four humans in each different dimension, who were chosen to guard this great power, because, in its culmination, magic can be homicidal and destructive.

But things change.

You can't always hide something.

The Guardians Book One: The Staff Of Fate on Wattpad

Was she a wizard?

Not sure if this is a "glitch" more than a, can this chick tell the future type deal. Basically I had just started high school and was in band. My section leader was cool, though I didn't know her very well at the time. The second day of school we were standing out front waiting for our rides. Not really knowing me, nor having a boyfriend or anything at the time, she looked straight at me and said, "You are going to be in my wedding someday." to which I responded, "Awesome!" then my ride showed up and I left. I kind of felt strange about it since I didn't really know her but didn't really read too much into it. Over the next 2 - 3 years we became pretty good friends, but not like best friends or anything. So when she got married to our drum major after high school I did plan on attending their wedding. When my friend and I got there, we wanted to see her in her dressing room getting ready with all the bridesmaids. As soon as I walked in I heard, "Put evolvixon in the dress, I bet it will fit her." As it turned out, my friend's family was being pretty stupid about the wedding (because it wouldn't be in a church) and had a giant plan to where her sister pretended to agree to be a bridesmaid - until the day of the wedding, she never showed up. So I put on the dress, it fit perfectly, and I was in the wedding. She even brought up the fact she had said that my 2nd day of school. Seems pretty crazy when I think back on it.

Posted on Reddit by evolvixon.

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