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Countries that produce the most energy from wind must have to balance being environmentally friendly with protecting themselves from a very windy environment.

With that in mind...

Wind stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

The Wind and the Flower

Zephyrus is the Greek god of the West Wind.

One moment of jealousy has forever scarred him, leaving him forever bound in the service of Eros, the primordial god of love.

Afraid to love again, he has closed his heart.

However, everything changes when he sees Khloris, one of the nymphs of the Isle of the Blessed.

Recognizing her as his soulmate, he tries to forget about her, unwilling to chance losing another love to death.

But when an old enemy of the past threatens Khloris, Zephyrus must do everything to save her.

This is a prequel to The Soul of Love.

The Wind and the Flower on Wattpad

The sound of howling wind and the pitter patter of rain were always persistant every night.

We're in the middle of a drought, but I sure as hell don't want to know whats making those noises.

Posted on Reddit by dankmemerboi86.

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"I'M SO SORRY!" my tandem skydiving instructor yells above the roaring winds as our backup chute fails.


Posted on Reddit by Ralfarius.


A paranormal story by Shodimu Sophia, Dreamwriter11 Chaos.

The village was burning down and everyone ran for their dear life.

It all went in slow motion, the screams, cries and every other thing the great destruction brought.

Children were forcefully taken away from their mothers and slaughtered in cold blood.

Thick dark smoke covered the night sky making the once bright moonlight dark and blurry.

A whole unkindess of ravens were displayed in the night sky, muttering incoherent chants repeatedly.

Their eyes red and glowing like jewels but beneath them lies evil.

They moved in circular patterns repeatedly round the dark sky.

There was blood scattered on the ground.

Little houses had been knocked over and destroyed.

Bloody remains of bodies were mushed into the ground, making the sand turn dark red in colour.

The people were loud and uncoordinated, squeezing into each other to save their lives.

There was no time to waste.

Just a second behind and they had to kiss their lives goodbye.

Some searched for their family, some selfishly left all behind while others lay lifeless in a pool of blood.

One could sense the stranded souls running and screaming for help, probably searching for necromancers to bring them back to life but all efforts went useless.

Their powers were gone.

Trouble increased as corpses emerged from the ground.

Their rotten bodies slowly crawled their way out, forming a new army against the people.

They had bulging eyes with hundreds of razor sharp teeth.

Dressed in tattered dirty clothes, their bones peeked out of their skin.

The time was near and Lyanna could feel her heart almost tear out of her chest.

Beads of sweat dripped slowly from her forehead.

Her hood covered her face protectively but that didn't stop her from being noticed.

It's easy to spot a crown when you see it.

Carrying two baskets, she moved through the people with ease.

For a reason, her powers were not affected like the rest.

She had blue blood flowing through her veins.

Caeli on Wattpad

The forest is so calm, yet so active in the morning, birds are singing, flowers are blooming and the wind feels so nice.

It's such a shame that I only started appreciating it after I hanged myself.

Posted on Reddit by DxDxS.

As the wind whipped and howled outside, I turned on some white noise to soothe my anxiety.

It did the job and I dozed off, never hearing the sirens begin to wail.

Posted on Reddit by Uncertain_Millenial.

Struggling Against the Wind

True heartbreak is physical.

Its as if someone has placed a weight on your heart and lungs and you cant breathe because of it.

Its anxiety and panic, festering in your chest.

Its terror.

Thats what Kiley feels when the unthinkable happens to her family; its so intense that, after slipping into a coma, she loses the will to live.

Will her little brother be able to save her from the most difficult of places: her own mind?

Struggling Against the Wind on Wattpad

When winter wind whips, your name it will call, so bar the doors and dont stray from home

Baby sister asleep, cotton gently removed from her ears and added to mine, I whispered Windigo . . .

Posted on Reddit by ItisYeHampster.

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