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You have probably never heard any of the kooky circus stories included below, but a bit of scrolling will fix that...

The Pretty Poison

A place in the Huntsdale Circus is nothing but struggle and tears.

Pretty Poison, the seventeen year old Poi fire dancer, knows that more than any other.

Even so, she could never part with her real-life fantasy.

But when a strange woman joins the company, Pretty's life and mind unravel.

Deaths and disappearances, horrific nightmares coming to life and a voice only she can hear, Pretty begins to lose hope of the existence she desperately clings to.

With symbolic dancing, paranormal horrors, terror and suspense, this book will keep you guessing until the very end...

Complete PG-13 HorrorThrillerParanormal .

Trailer: brookieismyname Cover: LifeLustingDreamer Publishing Started: Nov 14, 2012 Copyright 2013-2014 - All rights reserved.

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We went to the back of the circus to thank the clown for making my daughter laugh after a long time even though his act practically scared everyone to death.

It's been 5 hours and my daughter is still laughing as tears roll down her eyes while I and the clown are locked in a cage praying.

Posted on Reddit by Kyro_Sol.

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I approached the circus tent, where a little boy came up to me and held my hand, as he should of.

I may be the Grim Reaper, but working with children never gets easier.

Posted on Reddit by Comprehensive_Type70.

Phantom Act

Phantom Act is about a young girl named Lilac.

Lilac lives at Jacobs Ladder circus, where she performs and is dubbed as the 'Fairy of the Circus'.

Her life is turned upside down whenever the strange young lord Kain Phuntom arrives to one of the Circus's shows in London, recruiting Lilac for a unknown task.

Unbeknownst to her, Kain needs Lilac to protect the otherworldly realm of Assiah, a magical realm with strange and terrifying creatures, where Kain is ruler.

Assiah is under the brutal attack of Faust, a treacherous villain that wants the entire realm to himself, and it's up to only Lilac to defeat him, possibly finding secrets to herself along the way.

Phantom Act on Wattpad

I thought running away from home to join the circus would take me away from the facade at home

That is, until I found out where the clowns get all there red "paint" from...

Posted on Reddit by JoeyDaInsaneClown.

[Oct21] The price to enter circuses nowadays are getting expensive, and the turnover of clowns is high.

I wonder how they would react if they knew that money was going to face paint and hallucinogens for dozens of people...

Posted on Reddit by DQ_Writer.

Freak Show

Young orphaned people are sent to work in a circus but, is it really all jokes and laughter?

Freak Show on Wattpad

[OCT21] I like to participate as a volunteer tightrope walker during a circus act, it seems fun.

However, this will be my last time due to the lack of a net catcher below me.

Posted on Reddit by Crexs_cephalon.

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