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Numerous dinosaurs might have been really #&@$in annoying and destructive like a cockatoo since they were so closely related to birds..

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Bird stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

creepy bird keeper ghost housemate

years ago I moved in with my boyfriend into a house he had been living on with a friend of his for about months prior to that. At the time i had a year old daughter from a previous relationship.

The house was an old house and it had loads of bird sheds out the back that were completely dark and when I moved in I felt this weird fear every time I was near the back gardenbird sheds. One day I asked my boyfriend if he ever felt it and he said he never went out there cause it made him anxious so we decided to look together and there was weird chains attached to the walls of the bird shed. I don't know what birds need or he chained up to a wall but it was so creepy that we decided to put locks on the doors of the shed.

When I first moved into the house weird things started happening I'd be in bed and id feel someone tickling my foot or grab my ankle when my boyfriend would be sound asleep beside me. The house had Automatic lights that would turn on if anyone walked into the hall way but didn't have light switch you could turn on or off so if you had to go to the toilet in the middle of the night it was inevitable the light would switch off while you were on the toilet and would only switch off when you walked back into the hallway. Plenty of weekends I was home alone while my daughter was in her dad's and my boyfriend who was a musician was out playing a gig and I would be in bed alone and the light would just switch on itself alerting me someone was there even though I know nobody else was in the house.

My daughter moved into my boyfriends ex roommates room and any time I went into the room the hair would rise on the back of my neck. I would get shivers up my spine and just felt weird. I asked her did she ever feel weird and she told me no she loved her new bedroom. I remember being in there changing her bed sheets one day and I felt my hair being pulled turning I expected to see her but there was no one there. I left the bed sheets and ran back into my own bedroom petrified and made her sit with Me and watch TV till my boyfriend came home. Another time I bought a blender and plugged it in it was brand new and a good brand and the thing exploded into smoke when I plugged it into the wall but later on when my boyfriend went to use it it worked perfectly. If I was in the shower the shower would suddenly turn cold or turn off all together and the door would jam so I couldn't get out unless my boyfriend kicked the door from the other side but the shower was always fine for him and he never got stuck in the bathroom so I had to ask him to sit on the toilet while I showered cause I was so scared. I'd be lying on the sofa watching TV and all of a sudden I'd feel like i was choking and pressure on my neck as If hands were pulling me back but when I finally broke free there was no one there. Another time I was getting ready for work and I was brushing my teeth when I saw the post come through the letterbox I peaked over to see who it was for but the letter was facing down so I left it and went to finish getting ready and when I came back up the letter was facing up the way And it had a man's name on the letter. So I rang my landlord and asked him who used to live in the house and he told me it was his uncle who was called Michael (the name on the letter) after a bit of probing I found out Michael was a bird keeper. He had never married and had a hatred for women (hence why my boyfriend never noticed anything and it all happened when I was alone) he had died in the bedroom my daughter was now living in which gave me the serious creeps. Which brings me to my last story of the ghost in my old house.

One day my boyfriend was in a different county attending a funeral I was off work and had spent the day cleaning the house and doing laundry so my daughter was upstairs playing and I was in the living room watching tv when I heard a big bang. Now the way this house was laid out downstairs there was a teeny sitting room with a small window no fire place like a little shoe box the kitchen was next door and it had a window but the window didn't lead outside it led into a small very creepy conservatory that I didn't go into cause it was filled with spiders. This particular day there was no windows or doors open anywhere in the house. I called to see if my daughter was in the kitchen but heard her voice from upstairs. So I went into the kitchen to see what the noise was and a MASSIVE black bird sat on top of the fridge staring at me. A lump rose in my throat and I was stood frozen to the ground unable to move. The bird lunged at me and I screamed and ran out of the room shutting the door

Behind me. I rang my sister in law crying my eyes out and she told me she would be there as soon as possible and when she came she opened the door to help me get the bird out but there was no bird there at all. The only thing she saw was a kitchen that had been trashed and butter that had been left on top of the counter with huge bird feet prints in it so she knew i wasn't crazy. She checked the house and saw no windows open so we still don't know how he got in or where he went We left the house a few weeks later and moved to a new place where I've felt safe and comfortable ever since. But every time I think of that house. Shivers run up my spine and I just feel cold and full of fear.

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Just another day on the job, it's hard work but at least you get to hear the birds chirping away.

Now that I think about it, I haven't actually heard those canaries for a while now.

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Someone came home from the hospital with us.

This occurred over years ago but is still fresh in my mind. My son was born early at weeks. We were lucky and he had few issues and we were able to bring him home a month after he was born. He came home on oxygen and caffeine due to bradycardia.

Once we were home, strange things began to happen. The cat refused to go in his room. And before he was born I was forever removing said cat from his room. Our dog would sit at the bottom of the stairs and tilt his head as if he was listening to something. I would be changing his diaper and start talking as I thought his dad just came into the room, only to turn and find out I was alone. A friend gave him a peek a boo big bird toy that would say "peek a boo" when you covered and then uncovered its eyes. This toy would go off all the time. Even after I put it into a box in the closet. I often felt I was not alone in that house.

My parents had given us an angel care baby monitor as a gift. This had a pad that was placed under the mattress and an alarm would sound if it did not detect any movement after a certain amount of time. As our son was tiny...only lbs when he came home....this alarm would often go off. I would wake up, walk into his room, turn it off and check on him. He was always fine. And I never felt that it was anything but the fact he was so tiny that the pad didn't pick up his breathing.

During this time I would often dream of a woman I would find in his room. I never saw her directly but would dream I saw the shadow of a woman with long hair standing and reaching into his crib. The dreams never scared me but I did find them very odd but comforting at the same time.

I can't remember how long he had been home, but it was at least a month. He was still on oxygen and still on caffeine. Our bed was to the left of our bedroom door and I slept on the right hand side next to the door and my husband slept on the left hand side. I was asleep and was woken up by being shaken roughly on the door side of the bed. I woke up and looked over at my husband and said why are you shaking me only to realize he was completly asleep and on the wrong side to have shaken me. I immediately jumped up and ran to my sons room. I flipped the light on (something I had never done to this point) and heard a gasp from the crib. Often when babies spontaneously stop breathing, you just need to startle them to begin again. I truly beleive that he had stopped breathing and my turning on the light startled him into breathing again.

After this episode, the dreams and strange occurrences with the pets and toy continued. Until my son came off the oxygen and caffeine. Once that happened the odd occurences stopped. The pets stopped acting weird and the big bird toy never went off on its own again.

I beleive that someone came home with him to keep him safe. The feeling I got from my dreams was it was a young woman maybe early to mid twenties and indigenous (I'm canadian) I will alway's be grateful for them watching over him and shaking me awake that night so I could startle my son into breathing again.

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I love watching the birds fly away satiated after I feed them.

The eagles didn't leave enough of this slave for it to survive the night, so it'll go to the buzzards and I'll bring the eagles a new one tomorrow.

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We all heard the egg crack open.

But by then it was too late to run

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