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Lost Love (Book 1. COMPLETED)

Faye is not your ordinary girl. >>She's large and in charge. >>Her powers are in full swing and the paranormal world won't know what hit them. >>Follow her as she makes friend, enemies and meets a fallen angel from the past. >>Tides are shifting, lines will be made and war is coming. >>With a warning from the moon goddess herself Faye will have to make a great sacrifice to tip the war in her favor. >>Will she lose herself in the process? Highest ranking 52 of 15,300 Gods 299 of 40,200 Angel

Lost Love (Book 1. COMPLETED) on Wattpad

My mom always told me hows everyone has their own guardian angel

Is that whats at the foot of my bed?

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Funny coincidence - my wife may have been visited by an angel yesterday

So yesterday we had a funny and interesting scenario that was most obviously a coincidence, but I love exploring the possibility that it was something more!

Some background details:

- My wife is somewhat religious. Hasnt been to church in a long time, but prays every night, thinks god is watching over, etc Me, I just think there is some sort of greater entity out there, whether it be god, aliens, or something else. We get into playful arguments about this, but thats a whole other story lol

- My wife has a small business and so a couple times per week she has to drop a bunch of orders off at the post office to ship out

- My wife is 3 months pregnant, but theres not really a bump or anything yet, so you wouldnt know just by looking at her

So onto the story. Yesterday we go to the post office, and I sit in the car while she goes inside. She apparently fell running up the stairs, but I was looking at my phone and didnt see what happened. She caught the fall with her handsarms to shield her pregnant belly.

While she was inside, an older woman in a big van pulled up next to me in the parking lot. I didnt really notice her doing anything, she seemed to basically just be standing around outside the drivers door. Normally people park and just go right inside, but she was just standing around.

A few minutes later my wife comes out, and said to me Dude!! Didnt you see me fall? The window was open, and so she said this to me while standing outside the passenger side door, right next to the woman with the van.

Within like 1 second the woman said to my wife Oh my god I hope youre ok! and instantly handed her two identical coins. The coins are basically like a penny with a cutout of a cross in the middle, and in the cutout was a small cross that fit perfectly.

The part that we find weird is that there was 0 hesitation from this woman. She did not reach into her pockets or anything, she had the coins in her hand ready to go and responded instantly. After she handed off the coins she didnt say anything and walked away towards the entrance.

So thats the story of how we were visited by an angel yesterday!

We semi-seriously think it was an angel, and that she gave one coin for my wife and one coin for the baby. I love talkingthinking about supernaturalglitchy stuff so of course this is a possibility well never rule out :)

But thinking logically, I assume most likely one of two things is what actually happened:

- She somehow saw my wife fall (although I dont think she could have with the way the times lined up), and waited purposely for her to come out to give her the coins, as a way of saying bless you, or whatever

- The woman just has a big collection of these coins and hands them out to random people during interactions

What does Reddit think?

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The Angel of Vengeance [editing]

Zoe Halsman has had the dreams for as long as she can remember -- the dreams that show her all manner of terrible things before they happen. >>As a child they tormented her; as a teenager they leave her guilt-ridden and questioning the nature of her very existence. >>She doesn't know why she, of all people, was cursed with the gift of foresight. >>She only hopes that one day it will stop, so that she might have a chance at living a normal life. >>Then suddenly the dreams are getting far too close for comfort: somewhere in the near future, three men are coming for her father -- and coming for HER. >>She doesn't know who they are or what they want, only that they will not rest until they achieve their goal. >>Knowing this, Zoe and her father must keep one step ahead of these men, or face the unknown consequences of being discovered. >>But the one time Zoe truly needs her gift just might be the one time that it fails her. >>-- FEATURED IN THE YA AND HORNSANDHALOS READING LISTS A W A R D S : -- SECOND PLACE [Paranormal] and BEST PLOT in The Titan Awards - March, 2018. >>-- RIGHTFUL CHAMPION in The Gladiator Awards - March, 2018. >>-- FINALIST in Morningtides Awards - September, 2018. >>-- FIRST PLACE [Horror Paranormal MysteryThriller] and only story with a UNANIMOUSLY PERFECT SCORE in the Rebel Wars 2018 - September, 2018. >>-- SECOND PLACE [Horror Paranormal Vampire MysteryThriller] in The Sinne Awards - November, 2018. >>-- THIRD PLACE [Supernatural] in The Untitled Awards - January, 2019. >>-- PEOPLE'S CHOICE [YA Fantasy] in the Youngblood Awards - March, 2019.

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Angels Among Us... Not Once, But Twice In My Life?!

Ive had two different experiences in my life with angels. I wouldnt believe it if it hadnt happened to me.

The first happened right after a horrible family fight, that was so bad it resulted in me flying home prematurely from a relatives funeral. It was around 4 AM at the airport as I was waiting for my flight and a woman came over to me with two young men who said they were her sons. When she introduced herself her name (which was a very unusual name) was the same as my mothers... Upon coming home my roommate who was a very strong, devout Christian told me that God sent me angels to comfort me in the airport while I was crying. The lady and her two sons had sat with me for a little over an hour and talked to me.

The second incident happened about 15 years later, as I was in extreme duress after my husband died. I was in a store and a woman comes up to me and asks me if its OK to pray with me. Then she said her name was Amy. There was some thing odd about her and it just didnt make any sense. We literally stood in the center of the store and prayed for about 15 minutes. Then she left the store...

Heres the kicker folks: both events resulted in a immediate disappearance of the parties involved!!! As for the woman and her two sons, they walked off and were gone from the airport concourse within seconds as I went to look for them.

The very same thing happened with Amy and her disappearance which happened not more than 10 seconds after leaving the front door of the store as I walked outside to follow her and she was nowhere in the parking lot to be seen!!

Amy is originally French for friend... And the other one wore my mothers name.

I have not posted this before but was inspired to do so by another post.

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My mother met a pair of angels, or some benign beings.

Let me preface this by saying this story is completely true. I did not experience it, but my mother is very much a "I have to see it to believe it" type, and, while religious, is still quite realistic.

Some years ago, I lived in Savannah with my dad and stepmom, whom I'll be calling V for this story. V's mother, my step grandmother, was sick at the time and lived in Central Georgia. Each Friday, V and I would drive from Savannah to her home to take care of her for the weekend, clean the house, etc. We'd drive home Sunday nights and be back in Savannah by about 11. At the time I was working a part time retail schedule, so I didn't always have weekends off.

In 2015, on one weekend when I could not go, V called me Sunday night sounding worried. Her tire had rapidly lost air on the way back (we later found out that her father had worked on her car over the weekend and neglected to completely screw the cap back on. Her tire was now flat and. The Georgia back roads are rarely maintained and are often little more than barely held together piles of gravel. Driving them with a flat tire is extremely dangerous.

I asked her location and offered to drive out and meet her. She agreed. I hung up and headed out to meet her somewhere near Dublin.

A little under an hour later she called me back, immediately starting with "You are not going to believe what happened."

In her own words: A short time after our call ended, a truck pulled onto the road from out of nowhere and came up behind her. Out got two young men. She was frightened and put down the window barely an inch to talk to them.

They asked if she needed help and she said yes- one of her tires was flat. They offered to escort her to a nearby, somewhat hidden gas station to air up her tire. She agreed, but made sure to keep a knife within reach in case things went south.

As promised, they led her to a gas station off of some little dirt road. According to her, the place didn't even look like it was open. But it was brightly lit, and there was a working air pump. She got out to fill her tire and, as most pumps were until recently, it was cash only. Well, coin only. She had none. Then one of the men told her to check the coin return. She did and found six quarters- exactly enough to air up her tire. They told her not to worry and went to work airing up and checking all of the tires.

Although she tried to offer a monetary reward next time she came through, they refused. They told her that they often did this and all they wanted to do was help. The only thing they wanted in return was for her to attend Church the next week and to pass on the kindness to someone else.

She said that as they got into their truck, she could almost see a faint golden glow about them. She never saw them on that road again. To this day she is totally convinced that she met a pair of angels. I don't know what she met, but I'm very, very happy that they were benign.

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The Angel Of Hell

Hell was the worst place to be after death. >>The torture is inevitable and the conditions are miserable. >>There is no remorse for those who have committed a crime and they got everything they deserved: Eternal Punishment. >>And who better to lead the torture party than the son of the Devil himself? However, Lucifer is not who everyone thinks he is. >>And when friendly little Sally gets sent to Hell she is furious. >>Sally refuses to sit back and take some unjust punishment; and when the Angels of Heaven ignore her pleas for help, she takes matters into her own hands. >>But something sinister is brewing between the forces of Heaven and Hell... >>And this something might just lead to the destruction of all humanity... >>unless it can be stopped...

The Angel Of Hell on Wattpad

Calling all angels

My dad passed away when I was 13. I remember coming home from the hospital after and on the radio was the Train song Calling all Angels. The song also played on while on the way to his funeral and during his funeral (the little music they play before everythings starts.)

The song started popping up during special events, birthdays, graduations, etc. It was just a sign to my family that my dad was there with us.

Fast forward to me being 22. My boyfriend at the time and I were on our way back from celebrating Christmas with his family about an hour away. We decided to order some food to pick up and take home to eat. While hes inside grabbing it, my dads favorite song started playing. Not Calling all angels, his actual favorite song. He comes back with the food and I say to him this was my dads favorite song, I havent heard it in almost 10 years. I want to finish it before we start driving again. And we do. Not even a minute later we leave. As we are driving, the car in front of us slams into the back of the car in front of them. Turns out, there was a massive 15 car pile up. We luckily, miraculously even, were able to avoid it and the wreck stopped with the car in front of us.

Had we not stopped, we would have been RIGHT in it. Chances are, we wouldnt have made it ( a lot of fatalities, unfortunately.)

There was a weird calming feeling in the car and I started crying I said omg, I think my dad just saved us. And the song completely switches mid song to Calling all Angels.

This was almost 10 years ago, and Ill never forget it.

I also should mention, we were on a country station so there was really absolutely no reason for that song to even play.

Posted on Reddit by STLbaddie314.

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