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Forests are only peace inducing when theres a trail already laid out.

That said...

It's okay if the weird forest stories below freak you out! I'm pretty sure that's what they're supposed to do...

Letters of The Invisible

[ unedited ] "They come at me in the dead of night like whispers of angry demons." Melanie Briggs was just a normal 17yo trying to make a living and take care of her grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer disease.

Until the night of her 18th birthday, when she started hearing them...

Voices of all ages, from all over the world, visions of men, women, children, people.

They entranced her with their tales, emotions, feelings and Melanie thought she lost her mind.

Eventually, what she thought were bad dreams, turned into letters she wrote to put into the world.

Because at the end of the day, everyone's story deserves to be told.

Letters of The Invisible on Wattpad

I should have listened to the locals when they told me not to roam the forest at night.

I cant live with all their blood on my hands, I dont care that I couldnt control myself.

Posted on Reddit by Miserable-Argument40.

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Forest Encounter

Not really sure if this is the best platform to ask this kind of question but Im going to try to explain what I saw as efficient as possible.

My mom lived in a house which was surrounded by random patches of condensed forest, and as being a resident in Minnesota thats pretty common in most neighborhoods.

Anyways when I was around 7 or so I would always explore the forest and I would sometimes use it for a shortcut to the cub foods I lived by, but I remember one day me and my sister encountered some portal looking thing in the distance

It was very strange because it was just a square showing a cloudy sky, I was super confused as it looked as if I could just walk through into it, I always remembered it ever since that day and just assumed it could perhaps be a mirror.

But a question still stuck on my mind

How could a mirror that was facing me only show the sky and not even a fraction of my reflection, and as I said earlier, this is a condense forest, tall pine trees, yet all I saw in that square was the clouds, and as I could recall the sky looked as if it was a different time than where I was at in the moment, it looked as if it was dusk, yet it was not even noon yet when I went to play.

I really dont know what that was but Ive tried to look for it and couldnt find it ever again was it a glitch in the matrix or like was I going insane I really dont know Im hoping to hear a similar story or something.

Posted on Reddit by Cx_Yatlor.

Short Horror Stories

A collection of Real Horror stories.

Short Horror Stories on Wattpad

I finally found my way out of the dense forest to hitch my way back home.

When I arrived, the strange old man who opened the front door said he inherited the house from his father and has lived there all his life.

Posted on Reddit by onyx1378.

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Trick question; they will always hear it, because they are always there.

Posted on Reddit by TremblingPen.

The Forest of Wind (Book Four of The Whispered Tales) - on hold

Maria and George have known each other since childhood.

And since childhood, they've been warned about the Eddies, the mysterious, hidden faeries that inhabited the woods near their village.

But as George grows up, he becomes obsessed with the faeries' treasure, said to be buried deep in the woods.

When the young lad decides to search for the forbidden treasure, he also unleashes unknown forces that will change his and Maria's life forever.

A story about wrong choices, hidden passions, and the memory of a love that could never fade...

The Forest of Wind (Book Four of The Whispered Tales) - on hold on Wattpad

Is there any compelling counterargument to The Dark Forest Theory? As popularized by Cixin Liu's excellent trilogy Remembrance of Earth's Past.


If you don't caredon't have the time, I will lay down the principles behind The Dark Forest Theory.

But first, a caveat: Cixin Liu just seems to be a writer; however, his dark forest theory is incredibly well thought out, and also very convincing. It is also interesting to note that Obama recommended the first book. As did alien-hybrid Zuckerburg, for whatever that's worth.

Anyway, here we go:

1) life explodes exponentially

2) technology also has the potential to explode exponentially (think about humanity's last 100 years alone)

3) if two civilizations discover each other, or if even just one discovers the other, they can never be 100 sure if each other is benevolent or malevolent

4) thus, for the sake of your own people, you have to assume they're malevolent

5) even if they are technologically inferior to you at the moment, their technology can explode, and in a few centuries, they could be a threat to you

6) so...you have to kill them as soon as you can without giving away your position in the universe

7) thus, the universe is a dark forest, full of hunters staying as quiet as possible, with bows at the ready...civilizations that are smart enough realize this thusly keep their mouths shut; and if they find anyone out there, they kill them if they can do so without giving themselves away

8) there are probably ultra-powerful civilizations that can effortlessly, inexpensively obliterate a planet within range; these civilizations are probably the ultimate filters of life out there


1) expansionistcolonialist civilizations might subjugate and exploit a planet, instead of destroying them outright. this is likely what is happening to us now, given all the abductions that are allegedly taking place, as well as all the alleged UFO activity.


So I'm not 100 convinced The Dark Forest Theory holds true, but it is very compelling. I'm simply raising it for discussion! :)

Here are some of my own counterarguments.

1) we're still here! and the multitudes of alleged species in contact with us haven't annihilated us yet (but sadly seem to be exploiting us)

2) perhaps planet-destroying weapons are incredibly rare and expensive, requiring materials that are rare for even a universe that is seemingly infinite; they may also have limited range

3) we are under the protection of very powerful civs. likely as biofarms for their experiments

4) our galaxy is a relatively peaceful one, or has not reached the dark forest stage...yet

Please, let's continue the discussion below. :)

Posted on Reddit by housebear3077.

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