Footloose is a Cat Potty with a Brain

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What do angry punch-dancing and Kevin Bacon have to do with kitty cleanliness and convenience?

Arguably, nothing at all. However, this incredible improvement on automatic cat toilets by its name claims otherwise.

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No matter how much we come to love our pets, their poop has no place in our hearts. It's just gross; cat crap being a particularly fetid offender.

Thanks to "Footloose," the bulk of the litter box cleaning and maintenance process can now be pretty much hands-off.

"After unboxing, pair up Footloose with your home WiFi via Smart Config."

Yep, this box is built with way more brains than you might initially believe.

With the help of WiFi, it's quite easy to control from your phone, but it gets along admirably without your input as well.


Visualize the waste levels on the app, watch the box recognize individual cats by weight and habits, clean and empty itself on schedule based on usage, etc. It's as cool as cat crap can be.


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