Fluru's "Lou" Will Amaze You

Odd Nugget Social-done

Fluru flood the line with lamp-lit emotion and melody in their new tune "Lou" from their album, "Where the Wild Things Grow".

It's country music, caramelized in a dulcet duet.

Lost in thought... Lost...

Sold and bought... Cost...

You could never pay enough.

For memories time cannot exhaust.


"Now it's a place I fear to tread..."

A pair of voices wander down a lane lined with memories, together and apart in "Lou". There's a lot of love here, love tempered with time and turmoil.

The arrangement in "Lou" frames and emphasizes the vocals. Twangy guitars and deep, dampened drums play as undercurrent to a rush of lush lyrics.


Dynamics in "Lou" are on point. Carefully enmeshed elements unite in waves and crash, smooth and subtle, come each chorus's end. Overall, the mix is minimal in format, yet expansive space looms, palpable and pleasing. Pretty amazing.

The country music brigade will eat up this song and the rest of Fluru's album in no time, but you don't need to love country to love "Lou". Listen. It's true.

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