Flow Commotion "Come Back Home" With Mellow Rock Magic


Odd Nugget Social-doneSoft rock crumbled over folk fusion forms the sound set forth in Flow Commotion's "Come Back Home".

"We know our rights..."

A dusty trail. No looking back.

A track less traveled. You're weak and pale.

Collapse at the cliff-side, eyes over edge.

There it is. The world. Inescapable.

Come Back Home

"Only home can set you free."

Story sets the stage in "Come Back Home" as clear, cutting lyrics dissect society's sordid side one word at a time.

Surrounding the story are wiggling, pirouetting guitar licks, straight-laced strumming and sandy, shuffling drums. The sound is that of a twilit Summer afternoon; a gentle fire stoking at the feet of a few gatherers. Ember-embossed eyes meet in the melody, spreading sparks over a predominantly analogue song.

Though mostly soft, this tune has a hard edge to it, both in subject matter and sound. Especially nearing the end, "Come Back Home" mounts to a pitched power swing shift in style. It goes out with a bang.

Flow Commotion have come up with a solid song in "Come Back Home". Golden guitar work and an understandable message worth remembering... Hear it for yourself.

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