Flattery Finds "Devotion" in Dreamy Sound

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Dreamy, shoegazey goodness gives you a gentle rush in Flattery's new song "Devotion".

Dense melodic netting ensnares your senses throughout this shimmering cloud of a track.

Can you keep the faith?

Like ice melting in your hands...

Will you stand the chill?

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Fell from your tightrope... Twisted vision..."

Flattery gives us a smooth, tonal view of our own humanity from above in "Devotion". The song spills feels, serene and subdued in the vein of dream pop with a poignant message to boot.

Bass in a haze, shuffling drums, guitar chords in a choral drone, notes let loose in melodic lineups and neat little licks lifting on airy ambiance... "Devotion" harnesses its constituent elements to intensely mellow effect, but disarms with riveting elegance.


An abstract interpretation of reality through an emotional and religious lens makes itself manifest in "Devotion," coloring the mind in new moody hues.

You need nothing more than your ears and a beating heart to appreciate this song. Press the button below and you can't go wrong.

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