First-Ever Image of New "Coronavirus"

Odd Nugget first image coronavirus

A horrifying new threat may spell the end of days for humanity... The terrifying, newly crowned "Coronavirus" is big and green and very much like a booger.

Luckily, like a wandering Bigfoot, it floated right past our night-vision camera, yielding the harrowing image you see below:

coronavirus odd nugget

"I dub thee a dead man."

- Coronavirus, while popping a wheelie on its Harley and flipping the bird at us.

Note the imposing crown atop the virus' globular, spiky, proteinic surface. This is viral royalty we're dealing with.

You can study up on medicine and vaccinations all you like; you'll just be delaying our collective demise. Goodbye, sweet world. We never stood a chance.

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