Fintan McKahey Will Play "God Games" With Your Eardrums

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Fintan McKahey finds solace in a sonic escape through "God Games".

Smooth and subdued, this tune takes us away - beyond our lives - to a peaceful place of mind, idyllic.

Busy with a thought...

On a train and in a rush. You're flush - anticipation...

Inspiration! Here's your stop.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"We can play the god game honest..."

Fintan fills open air with minimalist magic in "God Games". Amid synthesized whale calls quivering at depth and distance, he sings hushed tones to slice at silence.

Vocals and rhythm sync to a solid groove in "God Games," gaining way over bouncing bass notes, punctuated. Supple strings split and refract subtle sonic warmth as kicks and snares tap moody meaning in Morse code.


Time in a sling, McKahey morphs melody to musings, insightful, and sweet escapism. The world drops out from under you as "God Games" scoops you up and hoists you high.

This song is as easy to like as they come, really. It's lush easy listening unfettered by complexities, yet complex in character and super satisfying in sound. Sound good? Press play.

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