Fine Lines' "Floating" Will Murder You


Odd Nugget Social-done

Real rock wrapped over recklessly rambunctious rhythm riding straight to Shangri-La... "Floating" will kill you.

Prepare to go belly up. This track is just the attack your ears are craving.

"I don't care if I live or drown..."

Clear off a cliff you've vaulted. Falling with your eyes shut tight.

Somewhere on the ground's salvation. You can't see the light.

Air so loud it now seems quiet. Falling fast or floating?

Thought for sure you'd reach the bottom. Only if you're looking.


"Don't let the sun go down..."

"Floating" feels like a loud storm, rumbling and shocking sh!t in indiscriminate angst. It's big and bright, but reserved and personal in spite of its size.

Vocals in "Floating" ring reminiscent of Eskimo Joe and the grit in the guitar bits breathes electric light in retro warmth. To say it's righteous stuff is to call a whale 'kinda big'.

There's a quieter tinge of Wolfmother here, holding onto the dynamism, yet allowing for moments of respite. Nearing the end, moderate rock yields to soft-spoken, syncopated poetry reading, then erupts to full unfettered harmony yet again. Splendid.

If you like rock or its indie incarnations, you'll understand the minute you play this song. It's great. Listen. Love.

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