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Every fighting game character ever created has the same shared experience of meeting themselves and beating themselves up.

With that in mind...

Whether your taste in fighting games is mainstream or extremely niche, the following picks are probably going to be permanent fixtures in your weekly rotation...

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope video game Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios

Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios

Survive the zombie apocalypse by yourself or with your friends in this low poly post apocalyptic world. Survive, build your base and fight the zombies. But beware, you aren't the only one trying to survive. There are other survivors in proceduraly generated bases that will shoot you on sight!


There's a lot of stuff to do besides surviving in the apocalyptic world, if you are good enough, you can make your life after the apocalypse even better than the one before it. Are you up to the challenge?

That's right, you are able to tear limbs from zombies just by shooting at them or smacking them with a melee weapon, but that's not enough, they will keep coming at you until you destroy their brain. Once again, with a melee weapon or a shot to the head.

When they lose their legs, they will start crawling and lose a lot of their movement speed, and if you take their arms as well, you can hold them as a pet, but they will definitely bite!

Since democracy and negotiation doesn't work on zombies, there's many weapons in Polycalypse.

Ranging from simple melee and ranged weapons to heavy mounted machineguns and traps like landmines, spikes and bear traps. Oh yeah, and there's a KATANA!

He might look cute but when you realize that his diet consists of zombie and human flesh, you might change your mind. Keep your trusty companion well fed to gain "Trust" and he will listen to your commands such as attacking enemies, looking for loot etc..

If you don't like dogs (come on), you can leave him in the base without losing anything but his trust.

The dog will only be available in story mode.

There's a lot of disabled and broken vehicles in the apocalypse, but you can scrap whatever is good and assemble one fully functioning vehicle, or two.

You are able to manually install some vehicle parts which allows you to replace, repair or upgrade your vehicles. You can put a racecar engine inside a combine harvester if that's your thing.

Some parts that you can manually change are: engine, wheels, car battery, headlight bulbs..

Axes and chaisaws have another purpose besides cutting zombies into pieces, they can also cut wood into pieces, literally!

You gather wood by first cutting down a tree, then you need to cut it into logs, or in smaller pieces if neccessary.

Wood is used for building as well as cooking and... setting fires. You can set fires inside procedurally generated enemy bases if you are stealthy enough!

You can build bases piece by piece if you have the required materials to do so. Every built object is destructible, doesn't matter if it's built by a player or an AI survivor.

You need to take care about making your building solid and stable because pieces can fall down if they don't have enough support!

You are able to craft DIY items such as molotov coctails, arrows, flaming arrows etc. by using the workshop table.

You can also upgrade your weapons by installing variety of attachments like scopes, grips, compensators, lasers, flashlights, and for super sneaky missions, silencers.

What is the point of surviving if there's no other good survivors? Team up with your friends and show those zeds that the fight is still not over!

We currently support CO-OP multipayer mode.

These guys do not like the idea of negotiation either, they will shoot you on sight!

Enemy survivors live in their procedurally generated bases that are filled with loot. If you manage to beat them one way or another, you are free to take whatever you want from their stockpile!

You don't have to be stronger to beat them, you only need to be smarter, you can lead hordes of zombies on their location and watch the battle unfold.

After being killed with their brain intact, these survivors will turn into ZOMBIES! That's right, you never know if you are safe around these so make sure you confirm your kills!

Since the power was gone after the apocalypse, the only way of powering your electronic devices is by using generators.

Generators use fuel to generate power, and they are very loud... and zombies are attracted by sound so be careful!

You can use power to light up your base, activate some decoys and traps, recharge car batteries etc.

Game modes

There will be 3 game modes in Polycalypse: Last bit of hope:

Arcade mode

Sandbox mode (WIP)

Story mode (WIP)

Arcade mode test your fighting capabilities where you survive endless waves of zombies, each one harder than the previous one. But don't be discouraged, harder waves will give you better rewards after completing them. You can buy airdrops, information about enemy camp locations besides all the weapons and items that the store is filled with. Build a base, stock up on ammunition and give them hell! How long will you survive?

Sandbox mode, on the other side, tests your survival capabilities where it sets you in a world full of zombies and loot and lets you survive on your own or with the help of your friends. Thanks to the random events, both good and bad, your survival capabilities will be pushed to the max. Will you be able to withstand managing your basic needs while dealing with the apocalypse and greedy survivors, or will you turn into another victim of the virus?

Story mode will tell you a short story about the protagonist and his dog. After all the events of the virus, the world we know was lost, people that we knew were not the same, everything has changed. Just as the protagonist loses all his hope for humanity, he hears a voice from another survivor through the radio: "Scavenger One, you went radio silent, did you manage to get the gas?". He realises that this radio is connected to a larger group of people which gives him last bit of hope for finding survivors..

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope

Polycalypse: Last bit of Hope video game Developed by Bachosoft Studios and published by Bachosoft Studios video screen

More about this game here.

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Gladihoppers video game by Dreamon Studios

Made by Dreamon Studios

Hop into the sandals of a gladiator and fight for glory in epic arena battles!Now with cross-platform realtime online multiplayer 1vs1 battles!

Supported inputs: XBOX controllers (strongly recommended), keyboard.


Online multiplayer vs random opponent or a friend

Fast-paced melee and ranged combat with hitboxes for each body part

Career mode featuring various tactics and ways for you to bring your gladiator to glory

Spartacus' War' strategy mode with factions, armies and towns to conquer

Save the Emperor' Arcade game mode for a virtually endless fighting experience

Quick Fight mode for custom andor randomized short and fast-paced arena duels, including local multiplayer

Over 90 pieces of equipment and 16 different character faces from four populations during the era of the ancient Roman Empire: Romans, Gauls, Nubians and Egyptians

Seven arenas with their own unique look and feel: The Colosseum, Aegyptus, Macedonia, Gallia, Hispania, The Ludus The Palace


Best place to follow along with the development is on my personal YouTube gamedev channel, but feel free to check out the below links as well.



More about this game here.

Kombo King

Kombo King video game Developed by Icuzo and published by Icuzo

Developed by Icuzo and published by Icuzo

Fight your enemies score as many combos as you can! Show off your fighting skill in this action-packed, intense arcade platform fighting game. Kombo King is fast-paced, intense, and AWESOME! If you enjoy playing classic arcade games, you will love Kombo King. If youre new to this genre, Kombo King is the perfect game to try.

Storyline: You play as Chi, the last of your warrior clan. The Sunless has destroyed and killed all of the clan members and your family. Now its payback time! You are on the path to redress the injustice , seek vengeance, and restore your clan to its former glory by defeating the Sunless one by one with your ultimate fighting skill. Its mortal battle, the best fighter will win the fight!


Action-packed, intense arcade game.

Great arcade style game graphic with high quality.

Challenging foes who will try to take you down with everything they have.

Responsive smooth game control.

Interesting storyline to keep players engaged.

Score multipliers for Combos!

Classic arcade games are making a comeback! Kombo King is one of the games that are inspired by one of the most popular combat fighting arcade games of all ages and turn it into an enjoyable gaming experience.Its time to find quality games to play! Quality games are enjoyable, have great graphics, animation, storyline, and smooth game control. Try Kombo King now and enjoy fighting mortal enemies whenever and wherever you are. Score combo after combo and see how high your score can get!---We work hard to create an enjoyable, arcade fighting game for you and we really appreciate it if you can help us our by sharing this game to your friends or by leaving a supportive rating and review on Steam!

Kombo King

Kombo King video game Developed by Icuzo and published by Icuzo video screen

More about this game here.


Xenrai video game Developed by Zenith Edge Studios and published by Zenith Edge Studios

Developed by Zenith Edge Studios and published by Zenith Edge Studios

Save the last world in a solar system of living planets being consumed by an invading interstellar army, playing as the world's champion and its goddess. Take on the epic full length campaign and competitive combat focused challenge mode that awaits you in this Sci-Fi spectacle fighter epic brought to you by Zenith Edge Studios.With inspiration from your favorite fighting games and sci fi series.Take back the planet - Traverse 13 levels from different biomes across the planet as you stop the Vile from destroying the world. Expected playtime between 10 to 20 hours (Unlock all trophies).Challenge the Spiral Tower - 100 floors of non stop action. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top?In depth skill tree - Customize and power up your arsenal to take on any challenge.Key Features:Action packed combat with the ability to switch up fighting styles and weapons on the fly, even mid attack.With over 30 unique moves, a transformation, and 8 super attacks you will have the tools to take on a variety of enemies.Defeat unique bosses and claim their powers as your own, all while customizing your play style by choosing which skills to unlock and power up.


Xenrai video game Developed by Zenith Edge Studios and published by Zenith Edge Studios video screen

More about this game here.

Ronin: Tales of a Ghost

Ronin: Tales of a Ghost video game by Nomadity Studio

Made by Nomadity Studio

Ronin: Tales of a Ghost takes you on an endless adventure through a stunningly beautiful world.

Play as Ghost - a skilled Ronin - set on clearing ancient Japan of all the dangerous and and mysterious creatures inhabiting it.

Conquer all in your way as you cross perilous bridges, jump large chasms and across mysterious floating rocks.

Visit the shop and your companion at your camp for upgrades and customisation.

A satisfying and fast paced combat system with multiple enemy types each with varied attacks ranging from projectiles to melee.

Unlock a variety of weapons ranging from Katana's to Tridents, find the weapon to suit your style. Weapons can be bought from the shopkeeper Senshi, who can be found in your camp.

Fast Paced, Satisfying Combat

Beautiful Japanese Environments

Randomly Generated Landscapes

Immersive Sound Design

High Score System

Designed to be Easy to Learn but Increasingly Challenging as you Progress

Ronin: Tales of a Ghost

More about this game here.

Battle Strike World War

Battle Strike World War video game Developed by Rimzaa Soft and published by Rimzaa Soft

Developed by Rimzaa Soft and published by Rimzaa Soft

Battle Strike World War: Is to prove who's the best in an epic test of strength and skill. These Maps are salted with powerful weapons and Grenade. Every weapon you pick up changes your style of playBattle Strike World War is a 2D platform fighting game that supports up to 8 online players with full cross-play for PC and Android!FEATURESRANK SYSTEM -EXPERIENCE System -Online 1v1 -Online 1v2 -BOT SYSTEM -4 Player Online for All - Casual matches where four fighters enter, but only one can win.Cross-play Custom Rooms - Invite up to 8 friends on PC, Android or Locally to a huge variety of custom matches: and much more.Plus: match Dozens of maps. Single player mode. Millions of players for fast matchmaking. Frequent updates. Excellent support for keyboard. Career history and cool progress rewards. Ranked seasons. Friendly devs. Fun, fair-to-play. And much more.

Battle Strike World War

Battle Strike World War video game Developed by Rimzaa Soft and published by Rimzaa Soft video screen

More about this game here.

Battle Life Online

Battle Life Online video game Developed by Matthias Gechter and published by Matthias Gechter

Developed by Matthias Gechter and published by Matthias Gechter

Battle Life Online is a new 3D open World FPS TPS PvP-RP Social-Hub Racing Mining multiplayer computer game set in a fictional present with sci-fi elements that offer players an open game world where it is entirely up to them to decide what to do, as well as when to do it.

Explore the 64km island, which is divided into 4 different climate zones. With its lush meadows, dense forests, vast desert, or hot tropics, there is a lot to do and discover while interracting simultaneously withother real players.

For this, you get many different vehicles at your disposal, to get fast and "safe?", from A to B, to attain your objectives.

Go your way as an outlaw or take part in adventures and events together with your friends in a group.

Experience a unique and dynamic open world PvP-system, which leads to tense situations.

Are you a helpful savior of those in need?

Or the rebel who knows no mercy?

It's up to you.

Civilians, Rebels, Cops, Techs, Weapons, Cars and the dear Money...

Collect Fight Earn Win

Battle Life Online

Battle Life Online video game Developed by Matthias Gechter and published by Matthias Gechter video screen

More about this game here.

Attack on Quest

Attack on Quest video game by AoQ

Made by AoQ

A virtual reality,fan made, free to play game, developed in Unity, based on the anime Attack on Titan. The game was built from the ground up to run on the Oculus Quest available on SideQuest.This version was made to run on PCVR.

The game can be played offline or online multiplayer with cross play support between Quest and PCVR.

A big thank you to buymeacoffee members and testers that enabled this update.

v0.3.0 Update

New forest level.

Female boss titan.

ODM stunts.

Ranking system.

Menu update.

Too many improvements to list.

v0.3.1 - Fixed multiplayer handle random colour changing.

Donations and optional membership with perks:queries contact via

Join Discord:version:out the new Armoured Titan in v0.2.1

To get the build to work on vivevalve:

have oculus software running

have SteamVR running

run revive as administrator

right-click on the Revive icon Task Button (by the time date) and select "Inject..."

select to Unity Attack on Quest build

For queries contact

Discord:SideQuest version:https:sidequestvr.comapp502attack-on-quest

Attack on Quest

More about this game here.

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