FEiN Begin to bend reality in "Infant"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Frenetic notes in harmonic flux fight their way to your eardrums in FEiN's new tune "Infant".

This track cracks the mold of major and minor, electric and analogue... It sways, unrestrained, between extremes.

In your best interest, follow suit.

Suit up. Show up. Break down. Throw down.

Rinse, repeat with a new recruit.

Odd Nugget Socia-hecho

"Kneeling, you were kneeling..."

FEiN fall in with a brain-bending approach in "Infant".

Glacier chill splinters under an icepick's point as "Infant" opens up. Falsetto vocals dance on skates around the mix as cutting kicks kick up a storm, electric. Guitar strings riff in unison over a wobbling bass line, leading the song over the edge. In free-fall, it goes on the fritz, morphing to ducking synth sweetness over a coughing spectrum.


Angst and anxiety leak through the mix in "Infant". Lyrics allude to such and more, making a mirage of emotion as impalpable as the mechanics of thought.

This track will wind your cog and light your candle if you let it. Press play and stay a while.

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