Favours Want to Be Your "Stowaway" Today

Odd Nugget Social-done

A hazy daze of a duet plays as a daydream, dreamy and tranquil, in Favours' new tune "Stowaway".

Downtempo tones drowned in echoey goodness...

Lost in your own mind... Impossible...

A day away and a dream to stay in...

Pray you see the light of day.

Or maybe, never wake again...

"Take another chance and let's give it all away..."

With a gorgeous video as company, this song is like splashing into a fantasy.

Two voices intertwine in ecstasy of a languorous sort, singing of love and time in passing, just as time winds idly by.

There's a delicious aquatic feel to this track. It's dripping substance. Damp guitars crash in sparkling spume, floating lyrics to your ears like paper boats on cold current. Time to set sail...


Chords and words resonate in unison, meshing to a mindfully mindless mix of harmony, broken only by a sparse sprinkling of twinkling guitar tones. The song's resultant sound is dense, yet soft enough to sink into. A swirl of thoughts and memories melting to endless experience.

Slow and sumptuous, this song settles like silk on the brain, inspiring daydreams not unlike those it was conjured from. It sounds cool as a breeze and calm as Sun on sand.

No need to be an indie-rock aficionado to go for this tune. You're perfect, and it's perfect for you.

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