Faux Co. Brave Space in Tune Throughout "Prozac Spaceman"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Exuberantly mellow and melodically psychedelic, Faux Co.'s "Prozac Spaceman" explores the outer reaches of mental clarity in a swirl of poignancy, poetic.

Gritty rock sound awash and alight with the easy-going vibes of yesteryear's happy hippies... You'll want to hear this.

Vacuum in the dark...

Oh, wanton sponge of nature!

Pulling us apart...

"...Just to rid myself of you..."

With an abundance of tie-dye retro flair, Faux Co. make merry music of "Prozac Spaceman".

Guitar strings ring and mesh to a solid, wavy mass as rhythm switches front and back from verse to chorus. Their harmonic twang touches the lofty tones of droning violins on high while drums dribble snare-shots and tom-pops like salt and pepper over the mix.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

A stone visage faces society's rampant mundane madness as Faux Co. lead us through "Prozac Spaceman". It's a sonic picture of a dismal period in passing.

This song is especially ideal for the spaced out psychonaut crowd, but they aren't the only ones. Press play and stay a while.

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