Fashion Week Draw You Into the "Dark of the Cinema"

Odd Nugget fashion week

Fashion Week's new tune "Dark of the Cinema" alights the brain with electric energy.

Tumultuous rock wrangled to a downy feel, surreal... This song is love in big film noire lights.


Can't sense direction...

The last stars are not aligned.

Heart beats, dark inside...

fashion week quote

"In the darkness, you can feel my undertow..."

Fashion Week draw dusky parallels with Death Cab for Cutie in "Dark of the Cinema," singing of love like a hunter calling his prey.

Hasty guitar strings sputter notes in a spark-burst at this song's offset. Drums attack the breezy space between tones as rhythmic melody moves with lapsing grace. A voice tempts, tortures the heart, takes to the shadows... The mix imparts a sense of speed - a rush of blood to skin, to lips, to ears.

fashion week

Fashion Week envelop you in a scene, silvery and translucent, throughout "Dark of the Cinema". There's palpable tension to this track, unrelenting and immersive.

"Dark of the Cinema" is superb indie rock fare, quite befitting of the enthusiast and initiate alike. There's a button below. Press play and let go.

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