Fascinating Fairy Tail Fan Art

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Scanning the Internet for fan art of as beloved an anime/manga as Fairy Tail is like searching for toilet paper in a toilet paper factory. There's way more than you need and more on the way.

For the uninitiated in all things Fairy Tail, the show centers around the exploits and experiences of a young girl by the name of Lucy, who joins a magic guild, makes friends with many fellow wizards and makes enemies of the evil persuasion.


Intentional humor is rampant in the story, as is remarkably senseless destruction of property (a running joke) at the hands of Lucy's team of reckless wizards.

Quests are embarked on, ties are tested, tears are shed and so on... But we aren't here to revel in fandom. Oh wait, actually we are.


The best source for fan art of any kind, no matter how obscure the interest or perverse the fascination, is Deviantart.

You'll find a link beneath each image here that'll take you to the artist's page on the site, should you be interested in seeing more.


Be warned, though! Some (fine, most) fan art goes places it ought not and makes no attempt to apologize for it. We're keeping things clean here, but suffice to say, a true fan's imagination knows no bounds whatsoever.


Some artists are perverts. All perverts are artists.

Particularly amusing, albeit all too often R-rated, are the ship depictions. Not boats, relation-'ships' between characters.


No story can account for every fan's personal opinion as regards romantic liaisons, it seems. To compensate, such romantic pairings as can be dreamt up (and ALWAYS are) are typically made manifest in the kooky realm of fan art.


Enjoy this selection of the Internet's finest Fairy Tail fan art. Oh, and watch Fairy Tail.

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