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Truck drivers probably have the longest playlists on average.

I digress...

Truck driver stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below...

When the truck driver asked what was the reason behind my hitchhiking, I just said that I didn't wanna die in the $#!#hole that is my town.

Now that we've passed the town's border I can feel his hand on my thigh and with horror I realise that I'll get my wish.

Posted on Reddit by elaravi.

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It's the police ma'am, you're son's been hit by a truck driver

He's dead

Posted on Reddit by Kerosene_kerosensei.

I was a Coke truck driver, with a diet coke load to deliver.

I didn't see the Mentos truck running it's red light.

Posted on Reddit by The_FallenSoldier.

I pulled over as the truck driver tried to warn me about the outlined shape of someone in my back seat.

I knew that cardboard cutout would work.

Posted on Reddit by The_E-man.

My father told me to be a nomad, so I became a truck driver, and female hitchhikers are the easiest pickings.

But as I lay chained to a rusted hospital bed minus an eye and bits of my left arm, I can't help but think that last girl's father must've taught her better than my dad taught me.

Posted on Reddit by notastepfordwife.

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