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He wouldve been sent right back to his swamp and the movie wouldve continued the exact same way if Shrek had agreed to the relocation order..

On a loosely related note...

You can choose to take the swamp stories below at face value or with a grain of salt, but they're all still super weird.

The Crawling

An eleven year old girl has a life-threathening encounter with the supernatural.

The Crawling on Wattpad

And, lo, as I fell into the endless dark, I embraced Death with hellfire engulfing my body,

Welcome. sneers the devil, Were really swamped, Im glad you could put in some extra hours.

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As the native swamp dwellers approached the man who came to study them, his blood ran cold

Squirming on the floor in terror, he couldn't do anything to stop the hundreds of leeches from feasting on their prey.

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Arousing the Legacy: The Colville Series

The man who came to Colville knew there was something unique about the young men he was ordered to observe. >>They had been able to ward off a curse and survive a vampire attack. >>The man had spent most of the day observing the town and keeping an eye on the young men. >>One of them was ill and the man knew why. >>The other one had no idea he was being followed, but as far as the man was concerned, he was a below average werewolf at best. >>Still, there had to be a reason for a vampire to show up in Colville, other than creating two werewolf slaves. >>Arousing the Legacy centers around the small town of Colville which appears to have been chosen by a paranormal power for a very deliberate purpose. >>It is up to a small group of friends to discover what that purpose is and why their town was chosen, all while encountering vampires, werewolves, and zombies, and fearing for their lives. >>But could one of their own be among the paranormal?

Arousing the Legacy: The Colville Series on Wattpad

As I pushed our raft through the dark swamp waters, I couldn't help but reflect on how calming the nighttime sounds were.

"Is that why they are called Mangrove Trees?" my brother asked as he shone his torch up into the canopy where dozens of men hung from ropes around their necks.

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[JAN21] The year was 1821 when my men and I were tasked with mapping out the previously uncharted swamp lands that the country had recently obtained.

As the logs floating in the water around us started to blink and flash toothy grins, slowly closing in on us, I figured out why Spain was willing to cede the land to the USA.

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the Inexplicable Discovery

Never- shall the sea take you to a place that's more questionable, then where it lead Harris Blackwood, during his final days as a Sergeant, to an Army that comes from only one country, which suffers as I write this down. >>And even as I write this down, I don't expect you to believe a tale, that tells the story, of an unbelievable tragedy.

the Inexplicable Discovery on Wattpad

Has anyone had a lucid dream experience where they are in a dark green wooded areaswamp, with bubbles on different trees being houses?

I had this lucid dream about 5 years ago and for some reason it just came back and hit me like a brick. I havent thought of it since the 5 years ago when I had it. But the areaplanet was dark and swampy (think like the planet Yoda lived on in Star Wars), and each tree had multiple bubble like structures (some ground level and some with stairs leading to upper rooms) Im guessing these were houses and maybe the bubbles were just to keep breathable air inside if the planets air is uninhabitable. I cant remember much of anything about the others that were there but I know I wasnt alone. Has anyone had anything similar to this environment or these structures?

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