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When you consider that Willy Wonka gifted Charlie a factory/house full of death traps housing four missing children, it's hard to believe that he lived happily ever..

But, wait a sec...

House stories as strange as the ones covered here are enough to keep you on edge!

The house I grew up in will make a believer out of anyone

First off, I like to think of myself as a scientifically minded individual. I try to find any possible explanation for something before I immediately assume its a ghost. But nobody that has stepped foot in my childhood home has left it without believing in ghosts.

We moved into the house when I was about 5 or 6. And at first nothing really happened. The very first time I had any idea was after a year or so. On this night I was laying in bed in the middle of the night. I couldnt sleep. In my room my bed is laid out in such a manner that the door is 90 degrees to my right as Im laying down on my back. The door to my bedroom was open, as Im from the south and we didnt have AC so everyone had the windows open and fans to let the house breathe. Anyway, as I am laying there unable to sleep, I turn my head to the right. Standing there in the doorway, is the clear silhouette of a man. It did not have any features for me to see, just the outline. Even though I didnt see his face I knew it was a man, and I knew that he was looking right at me. I froze in fear for what felt like an eternity and eventually grabbed whatever was near to throw at the door to try to close it. I was unable to get it closed so I eventually just rolled on my left side and hoped he would go away. Eventually I got the courage to look and he was gone and I went back to sleep.

That was just the beginning of a childhood of paranormal encounters within the home. And to be clear, after growing up in the home, I now know that the spirits in the house are not malicious or hurtful in any way. Sometimes they just want someone to know theyre there and will make themselves known, but never in a bad way.

I would break the app with the amount of stories I have about the house but that is just the first one of many.

Edit: Another story.

An occurrence one may encounter is hearing your voice spoken when no one is there.

One evening I was home alone. Yes I really was home alone because after this happened I checked the entire house just to be sure I was indeed alone. In my room I have a desk I liked to sit at to do my homework. As Im sitting there writing, I hear my name spoken. Like someone trying to get my attention. I thought maybe my stepdad had come home and was speaking to me so I turned to say hi and he wasnt there. So I got up and hollered downstairs to see if someone had come in but no reply. I brushed it off, and sat back down to continue. Not five seconds after I sit down I hear my name spoken again, but with an annoyed tone. As if they were trying to get my attention and I couldnt hear them. I turned around again, no one there. At this point Im thinking to myself okay its just the ole ghost messing with me so I turn back around again.

I sat there for maybe five more seconds before a very clear voice spoke directly into my ear and said look at me. That I think was the scariest thing I personally had happen to me. I still didnt feel threatened, he just wanted my attention. So I said I cant see you, so I cant look at you. But I can hear you and I know youre here. I didnt hear anything else after that. Since then I adopted the strategy of just acknowledging things when they happen. If these spirits or ghosts are indeed people that have passed on and are stuck in this limbo where they cant be seen or heard it must be sad and lonely for them. So if I can make them happy by letting them know whenever I know theyre near I will.

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"The house isn't breathing, it's settling," my husband told me.

He still can't explain how the walls bleed, though.

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"These... these aren't tears" said the decorator, looking at the tattered wallpaper in the abandoned house.

"These are scars".

Posted on Reddit by DearRobertaSparrow.

I lived in a haunted house in Ireland

Make of this what you will. Back in 2009, Ireland was going through the recession but I managed to buy a house. It was a nice little cottage, it suited me perfectly as I was a single man. I did shift work, so it was nights and days, days and nights. Initially, I thought it was because I wasn't getting enough sleep, but things started to happen within the house that I couldn't explain. For instance, one night I was doing some ironing. I put a towel on the railing in the bathroom and went back into the kitchen to get some more clothes to hang and put away. I came back up and the towel that I'd put on the bathroom railing was strewn across my bedroom floor. My first thought was that there was someone in the house with me, so I ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the frying pan. It was a small house so there was nowhere for someone to hide. After a while I reasoned that it couldn't have been an intruder because the door was locked and all the windows were shut. It scared the life out of me, but I convinced myself that I wasn't paying attention and that I might have actually left the towel in my room, even though I knew I didn't.

But things got worse as time went on and couldn't be dismissed so easily. It got to the stage where I was actually afraid of being in my own home. For instance, coming in from work particularly at night time, there was a light switch on the wall by the doorway, I'd have to switch that on before I'd even open the door fully. I was so terrified that I wouldn't even look into the darkness. Sometimes when I'd open the door at night time, there'd be a gust of wind coming out from the house to greet me.

But it eventually got to the stage where I was beginning to wonder if I was loosing my mind. This went on for months, things going missing, curtains being closed when I left a room and being partially open when I came back in minutes later. The final straw was when I actually saw something. I arrived home one night at around 3am in the morning after being at work. I opened the hall door and switched on the light. Just to give you a picture of the layout of the house. It was quite small. There was a hallway and down the end of the hallway was a doorway to a bathroom that was out the back and the kitchen was to the left. So this night in particular, I switched on the light and opened the door fully to be greeted by what all I can say was a big man's shadow. And this thing was standing at the end of the hallway. Now how it was a shadow is beyond me because there were 3 spotlights running down the hall and they lit up everywhere. But this 'shadow' stood within the light and it was facing me. Every hair on my body stood on edge, the fright and the fear and panic was so intense. I roared out, ''leave me the fck alone! , just leave me alone! ''. And with that, whatever it was, it turned sideways and I could see the whole profile of his face. Then there was a massive bang and a chair was sent flying up the hallway towards me. I legged it out of the house, got back into my car and travelled back up to my parent's house. I was so distraught, I'd a brother living in our parent's house at the time and he thought that I'd been in an accident. I tried to explain to him as best I could what had happened. Now I hadn't said anything to anyone about the going's on in the house, I'd been living in it for about 6 months and it had been going on all that time. Almost every day something happened. Being terrified in your own home is a horrible feeling.

My brother and I drove back down to the house the following day and we found the chair that had been thrown at me in the hallway, on top of the kitchen table. I had a bottle of water in the fridge and I took it out and placed it on the kitchen table. As my brother and I were talking, the bottle just burst, it was as if someone had shook a coke can and opened it and it went everywhere. Every surface of the kitchen seemed to have water on it.

I sold the house about 6 months later. During the months between putting the house up for sale and eventually selling it, strange things continued to happen within the house, like things going missing and curtains being moved. Thankfully though, I never saw the apparition again. One night I was lying in bed, it was about 1am and coming from the back of the house I heard a woman's voice say, ''no doctor please, help me''. Petrified, I leapt out of bed and turned on all the lights. I searched everywhere, checked that the door was locked, it was and the windows were all shut. The television was plugged out because it sometimes turned on by itself. Same for the radio, which was also unplugged. I'll never forget the sadness in her voice and the way she said it. It wasn't 'no doctor, please help me', it was ''no doctor please.. help me''. I was so glad to be out of that house when I finally sold it.

When I was living there I asked a neighbour and he told me that the couple who I'd bought the house off, the wife had been complaining about hearing things in the house. I don't know what I saw or heard but I do know that whatever it was, it was definitely something that was within in the house because I haven't experienced anything like that since then. I don't know weather the couple who bought the house off me experienced anything, I couldn't say.

After all these years, I still don't talk about this with people as I don't want them thinking I'm crazy. But I do know this happened to me.

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I knew it was normal for the insane clown to follow me around the haunted house.

It isnt normal to receive a 2am Ring video alert of him trying to break down my front door.

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