False Heads' "Help Yourself" Will Help Your Brain Explode

Odd Nugget Social-done

Free rein, rambunctious rock shatters space in False Heads' "Help Yourself".

Like Reuben run smack into post-punk power rock...

Suspended, you're hair and skin caught high on wind.

This is it. The drop is chilling.

Willing and able to let go. You blow on a breeze.

Let us know when you land.


"And if you want, you can stick around..."

"Help Yourself" presents itself in full force; rock, ready and willing. Overdriven guitars grace the air at its offset, yielding to spoken word lyrics and twinkling tones in the upper spectrum.

False Heads have cooked up a heck of a hook here, but the chorus doesn't carry the song on its own. Studded guitars grip the ears with grinding harmony; rhythmic, brazen and beefy.


From light, melodic verses to crash-bang choruses, "Help Yourself" is quite a charismatic track. The band attack each choral segment with seesaw power chords, then power down to vaporous, mellifluous fumes and feel. Up, down and back again...

"Help Yourself" won't let you do the same; you're bound to fall for this if you're into rock. Help yourself to a listen.

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