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Forest stories and novels like the ones in this article are weird. Very weird. But, you'll probably enjoy reading them...


The ghost of John Marshall has always been reported to lurk around his old mansion.

The three storey mansion that is surrounded by miles and miles of trees, and no life in between.

It is said that no man who has had the intentions of trespassing on his property, has ever returned.

However, rumours are just rumours, right? Autumn O'Neil has, yet again, persuaded her friends to go on an expedition with her.

Where her courage and bravely used to shock them before, now it's a norm for them.

The unsuspecting group of friends pack their bags and leave for the haunted mansion in the midst of the forest for two weeks.

The friends don't even get to settle there, when things start happening.

Disturbing and peculiar things.

Things that make them all want to leave, but can it really be simple when one by one, all of them start disappearing? All except Autumn.

Trapped in the labyrinth of hidden diaries, torn up wills, restless spirits, anomalous mazes and old relatives, Autumn is expected to solve the mystery of John Marshall.

A brilliant story.

Loved the writing style.

Made me feel like I was present inside the book, going through each and everything the characters went through.

The pain, the obstacles, the horror, the questionings - everything!" alienocorn Not my greatest work so think twice before reading it until I edit.

Beware [COMPLETED] on Wattpad

My friend and I were trying to find eachother in a pitch black forest when all of a sudden I felt her hand and grasped it, finding it oddly cold.

But when I exclaimed to her that I got her, a reply came from the darkness telling me it was not her hand, and I felt the hand I had taken starting to squeeze tighter.

Posted on Reddit by ShiningFeather.

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I ran through the forest, not looking back once.

They won't get away this time.

Posted on Reddit by bigmemos29830.

The Forest (Billdip)

Dipper loves the forest, He goes there every morning for walks and inspiration or even just from stress.

One day, however, when he goes deep into the forest to the tree house he built, a certain demon shows up, Bill Cipher, but he has changed, He is in a human form and doesn't seem to only want to unleash powerful evil! What will happen when these two hang out more and more everyday? Dipper- 17 Bill- 18 Town if Gravity Falls, Oregon.

The Forest (Billdip) on Wattpad

My parents were taking me on a trip to the forest

However I realized to late that this would be a one way trip...

Posted on Reddit by Blehbois.

I shouted "this area is clear" as the group searched the forest for the missing girl.

Now they'll never find where I buried her.

Posted on Reddit by bboyarcitec.

The Alpha's Alyne

.quo. The Alpha's Alyne on Wattpad | https://www.wattpad.com/story/247253526 | He was the Alpha's son and the soon to be Alpha, he was Asher. >>The perfect definition of a leader, workaholic, and a good son but he also had a flaw and that was his anger. >>He had some major anger issues, so if you wished to live longer, you better be on his good books, because no one wants to anger the big bad wolf and die.

And then comes Alyne, the Beta's fighter daughter. >>Alyne a pro in kickboxing but also a closed-off person, who liked to stay in her bubble. >>But Alyne was much more than she appeared to be.

And this is the journey of these two opposite characters, who are bound together by destiny. >>Now the question is do they not have anything in common, or do they have something in common that will make them stick together till the end? 1 Luna as of 18-07-2021 1 Redmoon as of 24-08-2021 1 Kindle as of 03-09-2021 1 Possessive as of 03-09-2021 1 bffsforever as of 30-09-2021 1 college as of 02-12-2021 .te.

This forest doesn't seem to be as creepy as in my childhood anymore.

Then again, 30 years ago I was the one being chased.

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