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The majority of the people that visit a circus do not talk about the elephant in the room.

Yet and still...

Circus stories like the ones below could be tall tales or totally true. Take a look...

A bit of Annabelle-Lee's life

What if we knew a bit about Annabelle-Lee's life? From my "Town of Richardson" stories.

A bit of Annabelle-Lee's life on Wattpad

I used to love going to circuses.

But now seeing the thousands of corpses on the ground, all grinning with rotten teeth and wide eyes, I think those clowns wanted to do more than entertain.

Posted on Reddit by DarkRagnaGod.

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[JUN21]On my wedding day, I had perfume sprayers placed all around and circus performers for my husband-to-be.

A little accident with the fire breathers, and you do know what happens when perfume is mixed with fire, right?

Posted on Reddit by NurseAnnXTicciToby.

Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series)

Ike Wordsworth, a divorcee and rookie tour guide sent to Rome, struggles to survive a labyrinth of dark secrets, ancient mysteries and brutal murders.

Jessica "Ike" Wordsworth is leading the LiteraTour inaugural trip to Rome.

But when senseless acts of sabotage culiminate in a murder -- with the victim's body dumped in a priestess's grace, alonside a message referencing long-lost prophecies -- Ike has to use her naturual talent for book-diving to find the killer before they strike again.

But was the murdered girl really the intended victim? And who are the three women chasing after Ike? It's a race against time, because Ike can't solve the mystery if she's dead.

Sibylline Greetings" is the standalone sequel to the 2018 Watty Winner, "Frankenstein's Guide.") [[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]

Sibylline Greetings (Book 2, the LiteraTours Cozy Mystery Series) on Wattpad

"And now for the next circus presentation..."

"The man with 4 legs!"

Posted on Reddit by Paum_Vipster.

The circus worker grinned as the tigress finally stepped out of her cage, earning him a round of applause.

Little did he know, starving the trained animal and her kittens would not improve her performance.

Posted on Reddit by Elajz.

Denise after she escaped

From my "Town of Richardson" stories,this is what Denise did after she escaped and left Gabriel behind.

Denise after she escaped on Wattpad

Do you think some of the Aliens read Reddit surfcollect the Internet?

Playful hypotheses only (don't take me too seriously).

Maybe the black knight satellite is of alien origin and it collects everything then beams it by.. quantum ansible to the um, galactic society and larger group of Civilized worlds, out of interest, if not for $#!#s and giggles, if they laugh as we do?

In a certain context, it could be alarming for them, seeing everything that goes on, while adhering to a generally non-interventionist policy. Painful to watch.

Perhaps we're in quarantine, to protect us, from ourselves and from becoming a threat to others?

If so, and they are here, once we get over the initial embarrassment of this uncomfortable truth, that they have it all and know it all, and much much more, scientifically, with all the paradigms and points of view and ideas that generally accompany such breakthroughs - there are things we must begin to consider as real possibilities, if not probabilities, assuming a technologically advanced alien presence is here. The watchers.

Everyone's always talking about what they are and what they're like, but what about what they might actually think, about us?!

Taken a step further, in the context of some sort of exo-political "diplomacy", I'm coming to the strong conclusion that even though the "globalist 'elite' 'rulers' profess to be out to save the world from a climate catastrophe via a single, unified, global, transnational government and "NWO" or some sort of top-down command and control "grid", as if to please or placate some alien overlords, reptilian or otherwise - that in truth they might get us all killed with their dystopic nightmare vision of the merger of human and machine, or the annihilation of the human being as designed and intended by the creation, say after a phased die-off and infertility program.

They might look in on Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab having a conversation with Ray Ray Kurzweil about injecting tiny nanobots into everyone's brainstem - as the Alien prosecuting attorney then turns to all the "eyes" (or their equivalent) gathered 'round the 'court' in observation, knowing how precious it all is and we are, the human being, and states, via universal translator - "I rest my case, for the displacement of human beings and for the eventual colonization of Earth, lest they turn that precious jewel into a grotesque human hellhole circus of an abomination and destroy the integrity of the magnificent human being, that we've all come to know and love, some of us with jealousy at their form and phylos being the "latest and greatest" so to speak, with a small assist, as you all know (vertical wink). They cannot be permitted to make a mockery of God's, your Honor's creation. I hereby ask permission of the council to, reap the harvest, collect their DNA, and then terraform the Earth for the human hybrids on planet XYZ in the Galaxy.

The prodigal son isn't coming to his senses, to borrow an allegory from their best man, and cannot seem to get his head out of the trough, so to speak. They've learned nothing! They're dangerous. If their wealthy controllers follow through with their plans, which they appear to be doing, they will ruin everything that makes the human experience worth having, and we can't have that! All value will be lost if that were permitted to come to pass, and then this is what will be projected outwardly - nothing but chaos. I'm afraid we're going to have to nip this one in the bud as they say. You're honor, we're going to need to use the Book of Life. The time of the harvest is at hand."

You get the idea.

There are implications, universal principals, sacred ideas, the ebb and flow of history, of evolution, all of it hanging in the balance, while beings from other worlds look on in wonder. I hope to God they have a sense of humor, and mercy, or we're done for.

Let all with ears (or their equivalent) let them hear!

Posted on Reddit by OmegaOverlords.

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