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Let's be frank... The baby stories that follow are more than a little strange. If you're easily spooked, you might want to skip a few...

Creatures of Hell Book 1: Whispers in the Dark

"P-please don't kill me!" I cried, closing my eyes and waiting for the pain of his teeth, sinking into my skin.

Candice is a normal eighteen year old girl, she likes to party, cares about her family and likes independence.

But one night her life is changed forever, she gets kidnapped by an evil vampire who turns out to be her soulmate.

Should Candice give up her life as a normal, human for the evil vampire who tries to do good but can't ever get it right? Or is being a human in a world full of vampires, witches, werewolves and every other supernatural creature under the sun too dangerous for a human girl?

Creatures of Hell Book 1: Whispers in the Dark on Wattpad

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Sorry the baby is hungry I said to the insurance guy sitting in our kitchen.

The baby is hungryIm sorry I repeated as the knife plunged in before he had a chance to react.

Posted on Reddit by FilmsnFries.



THE COST OF A BORROWED LIFE.' Catherine lived through this chapter and it should have been dimmed closed, when life defeated death last time, in the form of her little miracle.

But it is being rewritten, it seems.

This time, in the path of her as Luna Catherine.

LITTLE NOTE : I advise for readers to read the first book in order to understand .

I hope you enjoy. 1 - Heartmelting 1092020


Lily made her way to the wishing well and wished for a baby brother

She spared no time as she threw her baby sister down

Posted on Reddit by guillardo.

I heard that its always an exciting moment for pregnant women when they feel their baby kicking for the first time

But as a male astronaut watching my entire crew being evacuated as the seal around me closes, the kicking inside me doesnt feel too pleasant.

Posted on Reddit by andylugz15.

The Demon in My Head

Eve is eighteen and she made a mistake.

She can't really remember a lot of that night, but she remembers a boy.

She remembers alcohol.

And she remembers making a promise.

Then there was that pesky demon.

It climbed into her head and it's made itself quite at home.

It'll leave, it says, as soon as she honours their deal.

It's a game, it says.

She needs twenty-six men.

A to Z.

Then, it'll go, and she'll be free to live her life as she chooses.

If she survives.

The Demon in My Head on Wattpad

I came back home to see my pitbull with blood on his face and my baby full of blood, so I shot the dog.

My stomach sank when I saw snake bites on the baby and a chewed up snake.

Posted on Reddit by overthinker3000.

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