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We would probably find a way to put it on display in captivity if an angel were to descend from heaven..

But, wait...

Angel stories with more weirdness than you might have wanted wait for your eyeballs below...

Sing Me To Sleep cat Jihoon vampire Mingyu

"Actually, it's been really hard The fact that there's not a single person Who will listen to my secrets that I've been keeping makes me sad This reality makes me cry" -Can't See the End

Sing Me To Sleep cat Jihoon vampire Mingyu on Wattpad

Having a guardian angel to keep me safe is a blessing for me.

I just wish it didn't stare at me with it's many eyes in the corner of the room while I'm trying to sleep.

Posted on Reddit by Skore79.

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I've seen an Angel hovering over my sister as she slept

I was 6 or 7 and shared a room with my older sister. I woke up randomly during the night and rolled over onto my other side. My sister was laying on her back in her bed fast asleep and directly above her was a "man" floating with his arms out. He was white and see through but I could somehow tell his curly hair and 5 o'clock shadow was brown. But it gets weirder...

He had massive white feathered wings coming out of his back. I only stared at him for a few seconds and wasn't really scared until he rapidly turned his head from my sister to make eye contact with me. That's what scared me. His expression was not menacing, more surprised that I could see him? But it scared me so badly! All I could do was throw the blankets over my head. I couldn't even scream.

I had the blankets over my head all night until I seen some day light and heard birds chirping. I was so excited to tell my sister when she woke up but she didn't believe me. No one did. So I made a promise to myself that I would never forget what I've seen. It was real!

Has anyone experienced anything similar? What are your thoughts? Was it an Angel? Thanks for reading. This is 100 a true story.

Posted on Reddit by Many_Deer942.

Alexander the Fallen [Book 1]

"I will break you like a stick" he said, running his fingers across his blade. >>"Suffocate you till you can no longer breathe" his fingers went to caress my throat. >>"And I will enjoy every second of it", Our eyes connected. >>My heart pounded against my chest at the promises that were held in his eyes. >>I'm dead. >> Dawn Turner was anything but normal. >>She's the type to go pick up a pencil she had dropped and then drop it again while picking it up. >>Clumsy by definition, she manages to fall into trouble almost everyday. >>However, the day she met a certain fallen angel, she knew that she had gotten herself into BIG trouble. >>Especially since she managed to hit him across the head...with a pan...three times... >>Not to mention shrieking, and I quote "DIE %!@# DIE." But let's not get ahead of ourselves, that's a story for later on. >>ALEXANDER THE FALLEN- 1882018 Inceptian Impressing Ranks: 1 In New Voices 1 In FallenAngel 2 In Hell 17 In Devil 43 In Horror - out of 7k

Alexander the Fallen [Book 1] on Wattpad

You guy's thoughts on this video. And what do you guys think about religious people thinking Aliens are demons or falling angels in general?

YouTuber is just another dummy religious conspiracy theory Christian. But somehow people with these views don't get called out on this sub. I notice most people on this sub actually agree when people who say Aliens are demons. Which is weird. Because I assume there aren't that many Christians or Muslims on this sub. So I automatically assume vague spirituality is the biggest religion or belief on this sub. So I would think most people on this sub wouldn't agree with the idea of Aliens being demons or falling angels.

I actually thought it would be the other way around. I thought most Alien Enthusiast on this sub would think demons and angels are aliens from different planets with advanced technology. Instead of the other way around. I'm sure some people already think like that. But I must admit I don't see that belief that much on this sub. Unless im misunderstanding something.

Posted on Reddit by Some_Personality8379.

God hath said that the fallen angel, Lucifer, had gone to Earth.

He never said which Earth.

Posted on Reddit by Dustyx_x.

Bonnie's Theft

Bonnie and Damon are back from the other side and it was a good thing that Bonnie wasn't expecting a smooth transition because they certainly aren't getting one. >>Damon seems determined to make up for lost time. >>Elena isn't sure she's ready to let go of him. >>And theirs an angel trying to kill them. >>Is she going to hell if she kills an angel? Sequel to Vision's Theft. >>You technically don't have to read one to get part two.

Bonnie's Theft on Wattpad

Greys in the garden

[Five ( 1) photos show what appears to be gray aliens walking around in someone's backyard.](photographs have been around the internet since the early 00's. No one seems to know where they origined from, but here's what I found.

[According to this website]("Mr XXXX" was woken in the night and saw a triangular UFO, grabbed his video camera and filmed it for 4 minutes. After hearing a strange noise in his garden, he filmed the aliens. This website dates back as early as [2004](claims that it took place in Italy.

gt;From Italy ([www.sentistoria.it](comes some fairly impressive, but nonetheless clearly hoaxed "Greys in the Garden" shots, said to have been shot with an infrared cameralens.

[In this video](Jaime Maussan claims that the photos were taken in Italy, early July 2003. Curiously, [Sentistoria.it](has been down since July 2003.

[In another video](Maussan contradicts himself by saying that they come from England, late 1999. He claims some guys working in British government computers leaked it to the internet in 2001. Looks like there's another photograph of one of the aliens.

[The missing frame.](in the comments of Rense.com found an [older site](that reports the photos coming from England in 1999. It reffers to the photos as "frames" and has 6 of them! It also features the "Mr XXXX" story and there appears to be a connection between the photos and [Project Aquarius](but the link for that part is dead. This is the oldest source of the photos that I can find.

Posted on Reddit by samu__hell.

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