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You can press on to the eerie airbnb stories below if you think you can handle them...

Whats worse then finding a bone chair in your Airbnb

Realizing its missing a few bones

Posted on Reddit by THE-YEETING-ALT.

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When I was sleeping in my Airbnb room, there was this annoying wind that kept breezing past my ear.

The next morning, I found the owner of the house mourning her dead asthmatic child.

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My Airbnb Ghost Story

This is the first of two posts. To see the follow up story, visit [here](The photos are [here](multiple instances where I came in contact so try and read through to the end of this long story! A little background on the house I stayed in The house was built in 1929 for the workers who worked for the copper mine in small-town northern Arizona. Its a very historic town but only has a handful of people in it. I like the town because its so empty. The house is cute and small and is basically a square house with 4 rooms that all connect the dining room, bedroom, living room, and kitchen. I was here on business.

So on the first night I was watching TV before bed in the living room and all of a sudden the window to my right starts rattling as if someone was shaking it. It felt like 5-10 seconds so pretty long when youre startled and scared. I was staring at the curtain as the window was shaking behind it but froze up to go check it out. I know it wasnt the wind because it was extremely windy ALL day and that was the first time any windows made any noise at all. It was extremely loud and consistent the whole time it was shaking (it was only this one window). So I got super scared and froze and didnt move for a long while. I was looking around and really cant explain it, but I was seeing stuff move (like, air was moving?) but only in the dining room. There was air moving in all sorts of directions in there. I saw things in the corner of my eyes but when Id turn nothing was there, I figure I was just being paranoid and I probably was. It was just a very sensitive environment. I knew I had to sleep there that night so I tried to brush it off but was obviously still scared a little bit. I finally got the courage to get up and go to the bed and I called my boyfriend to keep me company. I had to wrap around through the bedroom to the kitchen to dining room to lock the back door (there was no way I was setting foot in that room, so I took the long way around. I honestly was too scared to even check the back door in the dining room, I checked from a distance to see if the door was locked and it looked like it was so I just let it be. I convinced myself I locked the door right after my run (spoiler alert: it wasnt locked). I left all the lights on for bed and honestly didnt move my eyes off my phone until I passed out. I woke up the next morning and everything was fine and I felt like I freaked myself out from it just being an old house and stuff.

I came back the next day after work around 5:30 and started making dinner. I sat down in the dining room to eat and as a joke I was taking a snapchat photo of the kitchen and began typing So the Airbnb Im at is haunted. Right after I took the photo snapchat thought I took a picture of someones snapcode and that automatic popupnoise happened to add friend on snapchat. I was typing so fast I didnt see what it said, all I know is I hit the button and it added whoever popped up on the screen. I start cracking up like I just added a literal ghost on snapchat LOL. The fact that snapchat recognized something was there was enough to make me freak out a little bit. Then I remembered how easily spirits can mess with technology and was convinced something was messing with me. So I posted to my snapstory about what was happening. When I was taking pictures in the dining room (the window specifically) the camera was glitching out slightly like my phone was seeing what I saw the night before that the air was moving. To the right of the windowcurtain it was very noticeably vibratingswaying back in forth on my camera. Honestly at this point I thought it was cool and tried not to freak myself out. I just took the photo of the window and went about eating my dinner! I texted my friends what was happening and then it just started getting really weird. At this point I feel like the spirit noticed I acknowledged it enough to the point where it actually began to mess with me and it all just went downhill from there. I started to feel heavy and as time went on I realized I probably wasnt going to feel comfortable in there once the sun went down so I decided to pack my bags and find somewhere else to stay. I felt like the spirit new what I was doing so they turned up the energy in the house.

As soon as I decided to myself I wasnt going to stay any longer I felt paranoid and heavy and I feel like my eyes were convulsing in a way and seeing energy move (like the night before). I cant really explain it. I felt like it could have been a house full of people but it was just me. It felt really loud in my head and I turned on music because I didnt want to hear unusual sounds and get freaked out.

The bedroom was dark because I had all the curtains shut but I was too scared to go into the dark room I took my phone and tried to turn on my flashlight. The flashlight button was blacked out (like when youre phone is dying and it wont let you turn it on) and again I realized it was messing with my phone again. I turned on the bathroom lights to add some light in the bedroom to run to the lightswitch in the bedroom. I snapped the whole process of me packing and opening doors case I was too scared. I took more pictures but didnt notice anything weird about them like I noticed in the dining room but then again, I stopped looking for more things to freak me out!

So I packed my suitcase and put it on the floor next to me and started packing some other items and all of a sudden my luggage tag starts to ruffle as if someone was attempting to grab my suitcase handle! I was literally watching my luggage tag jiggle and move and I could also hear it so I knew I wasnt seeing things in my head. I start laughing a little bit, like really? This $#!# is real now! Whatever doubts I had about me just being paranoid before this moment ended after that and I was legit $#!#ting my pants at this point I wanted to get out of there. I also noticed high pitched noises when I was in the bedroom that came out of nowhere and werent there beforehand. I paused my music to confirm they were there. There were a bunch of background noises that seemed to multiply as time went on and the more I rushed to get out of there the louder they got and the louder it was for me mentally. Like I wanted to turn my music louder to drown out my own head.

As soon as I walked out the front door to my car it seems as if it all stopped. Everything was fine, my head was quiet. It was like a portal of energy. I knew I had to go back in a few more times to load up the car and I literally had to catch my breath and find courage to go back in. Sure enough as soon as I stepped in the house my head was pounding with noise again! It was like walking into another space entirely where all of a sudden it was crowded and mentally draining.

Since it was an Airbnb I couldnt just leave the dishes there. When I decided I wasnt going to stay the night there anymore I compromised with myself and was like OK, I wont sleep here tonight but Ill come back tomorrow to do the dishes. But after all that stuff started happening I knew I didnt want to come back the next day. The dishes were the last trip I made inside and I literally had to take a breather outside before going back in again because thats how exhausting it was just to set foot in the house. I finally gather up the courage to do the dishes and I go into the kitchen and as Im starting them I just start hearing stuff bang around in the laundry room (to my right). Like as if something fell off the shelf. There was a window in the door and I honestly felt like someone was watching me back there I couldnt even look up to see. At my feet there was stuff happening too as if the bottom of my jeans were moving or there were mice running on my boots (I had to check a couple times to see if there was a breeze or if my jeans were just brushing up against somethingnope) but also, I dont know, maybe I was actually shaking? I have never done dishes so fast. I got out of there ASAP.

Some other things happened too that may or may not be me just being paranoid but I put them in here anyways!

- When I called my boyfriend to keep me company the first night as I walked to bed, I literally could not turn off the TV. None of the remotes were working. I just told myself to let it go and as soon as I walked away the TV shut off. I brushed it off at this point but looking back, it could be the spirit messing with technology again!

- The door to the bathroom was on a slope the night before and it bugged me how it wouldnt stay open as I was moving my toiletries in there. No big dealbut as I was packing to leave the door was staying open on its own at this point. Hmmm

- Nothing in the house was closing after I opened it. I noticed this at first when I was looking for items in the kitchen one of the drawers literally did not fit what I just pulled it out of. Its an old house so thought nothing of it but then it happened to the TV stand (the drawer literally did not fit as I tried to close it). I had to leave it open. Its as if the items grew bigger and wouldnt fit anymore. Even the lockbox would not close correctly so I couldnt leave the keys in there. I must have messed around with it for a few minutes that morning so I could just use the lockbox instead of carrying the key with me. Small details but a little weird that they stopped working?

- My dreams that night were very vivid even though I didnt get much sleep at all. I did dream about the house and having a party that there were 50 people whom I did not know. My Airbnb host got mad at me in the dream because I didnt tell her and I had to kick out all these strangers from the house. Again, not strange, but also why am I dreaming of a bunch of strangers in the house Im currently in?!?

- I was told a long time ago that if youre ever in a haunted place and dont want to be bothered youre supposed to imagine a door shutting in your head (closes off communication with the other side). I did this the first night when I went to bed and honestly just felt so much better as if a weight was lifted. It didnt last long thats for sure but the fact I felt so much better after doing that was weird.

Honestly, some other stuff happened to that did not make this story. Overall it was creepy AF. The Airbnb was given 5 stars across the board and all reviews talked about how quaint and cute the place was! Indeed its a cute Airbnb in a quiet little town. But honestly I believe I was the first one to stay the night there alone. I told my Airbnb host that my company sent me back to town for the rest of the week and I honestly dont care to get my money back. Id still recommend on Airbnb, but yeah, I personally wont be going back.

I googled the town to see if there were ghost stories and sure enough the place was littered with them. Apparently it was built onnear an old Indian burial ground. Yikes.


So as I was re-evaluating everything (my pictures, videos, story...) I was thinking if anything else could've happened to convince me of this story. When I was packing I had my Spotify going to help me calm down a bit - it was Spotify radio so really anything in the Spotify world could've played at that point in time. Recognizing now that spirits (especially this one) can screw with technology I had to evaluate the songs that were playing while in this haste of attempting to leave the house. The next day, I still had my Spotify radio up on that station so I literally kept back tracking until I found the song that began playing when I first turned it on in the house. Ok, this is where it got creepy. If this won't convince you I'm not really sure what will.

The song that was playing when I took my first video was "Down in the Valley" by The Head and the Heart. Look at these lyrics.

- "I wish I was a slave to an age-old trade, like ridin' around on railcars and workin' long days." (I was in a mining town that literally was developed to accommodate the mining company, the employees, and their families. Since single men were forced to stay at a lodge, there was obviously a family that moved in this house specifically to mine. The head of the household was a miner-who worked long days on the rail cars. Creepy.)

- "Call it one drink too many, call it pride of a man, but it still dont make no difference if you sit or you stand" (OK, so the spirit is a man with a drinking problem and quite possibly a temper?)

- I know there's California, Oklahoma and all of the places I ain't ever been (In between California and Oklahoma?.....ARIZONA.)

- but Down in the valley - these are the places you will find me hidin', these are the places I will always go (WE WERE IN THE VERDE VALLEY. And hes still here, to this day, hiding in the valley.)

There are other questionable lyrics to this song (and others) that were playing in the background that freak me out. Honestly, each song strings together to tell a full story but Ill let you make your own assumptions. Heres the full playlist:

- Work Song by Hozier: This song is about a drunken man whos madly in love with his baby who made a mistake and lost her. When my time comes around lay me gently in the cold dark earth, no grave can hold my body down, I'll crawl home to her

- Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons: A man who made a mistake and is now heartbroken and lonely. But it was not your fault but mine. I really f it up this time, didnt I my dear? Your grace is wasted in your face, your boldness stands alone among the wreck

- Down in the Valley by The Head and the Heart: explained above.

- Ho Hey by The Lumineers: Again, about a man who did wrong and lost his family. So show me family, all the blood that I would bleed, I dont know where I belong, I dont know where I went wrong

- Big Jet Plane by Angus Julia Stone: About a man falling in love with a woman and wanting to take her for a ride on a big jet plane. She smelled of daisies, she drive me crazy Gonna hold her, gonna kiss her, gonna take her away from harm

- Byegone by Volcano Choir: This ones a little hard to interpret the lyrics are a little strange. Basically sounds like a man who discovered his wife cheating and couldve been mad enough to kill her? Questionable lyrics: Heard you promise me at the north end of monogamy Heard you scream others hearts, its time to up and die OK CREEPY.

- Half Moon by Blind Pilot: This was the last song playing as I stood outside staring at this house. Sounds like a man who left his wife with some pretty questionable lyrics as well that Im unable to determine (did he kill his wife??). Lets just say this lyric was the ultimate cherry on top of my truly haunted cake, and was a nice farewell from the spirit: It's not hard to live like a ghost I just haunt all that I've wanted and leave what I don't. I dreamt a trail up to the sky and by brothers build propellers just to see how far theyd fly. DEAD.

Im obviously not a paranormal expert so really I could be putting thoughts into my own head but from what Ive gathered, the spirit literally told me the everything I need to know. Wow. I think the spirit was messing with be specifically because I was a woman and I was alone. The Airbnb reviews didnt mention anything out of the ordinary but the people who stayed there were always coupled up or with kids. I think I set the spirit off by being alone and vulnerable.

I would also like to make it known that I usually dont listen to Spotify radio and I usually dont listen to the Folk section of Spotify either. When I went for my run that first night something was very peaceful about that evening I felt like listening to Folk. I also almost got attacked by a stray dog outside the house although Im not sure this is related maybe the spirit was following me all along?!

Honestly, Im completely convinced of this story and if youre an expert Id love to share my pictures and videos with you! Creepy stuff!

Update 61517: The Historical Society in the area confirmed there was a murder in the house in the 1930's and that at least two people have mentioned activity in the house. WTF.

Posted on Reddit by megamere.

Two experiences that kinda shook me up

please let me know if youve had a similar experience or have answers because Im really hoping theres a logical explanation for these. Ive been reading posts in this community and thinking more about how weird these instances were.

When I was 13, I was picked up from sports practice and eating dinner at the table. My parents were watching tv in the other room. I remember the food was good asf and I was vibing. We have glass doors in the room so you can see the backyard which was pitch black at that time. I saw a bright white orbcircle of light appear, it illuminated like a light switch. It was bigger than the front part of most flashlights, and it was fairly far from where I was sitting so it would look even bigger up close. It was also very pigmented and bright. A beam of white light shot out of it, and I was so stunned I could hardly process what I was seeing. then all of it disappeared, black again. I could clearly see it was in our yard and not the neighbors. Once it vanished I told my parents what I saw and my dad quickly went outside to confront anyone trying to rob us but he found nothing. Just dark.

This one scared the #$@$ out of me but luckily it was in an airbnb and not my house. I was staying at a house in Oregon with my parents for a short time. During a shower I got the overwhelming sense that someone else was present in the bathroom watching me. Even thinking about it now gives me chills. I almost stopped washing my hair since the feeling was so overwhelming and uncomfortable. After i got out I asked my parents if they had come in the bathroom while I was showering and they didnt. I also peeked outside the shower curtain a few times and didnt see them. Honestly this one could have been some random crackhead peering through the window, but its still creepy.

Posted on Reddit by Certain_Attitude_133.

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