Fafa Galoure's "I Am The Sun" Is Blinding Brilliance Put to Tune

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Windswept witchcraft cuts soundwaves into your subconscious in Fafa Galoure's "I Am The Sun".

A shock of sound and a breath of dissonance drive this tune through to a new dimension.

Bright as a morning...

Dark as a dusk... Sure as a memory...

Love is loud as a hush.

"When we're apart, you live inside my heart."

Like Queens of the Stone Age caught in a whirlwind, Fafa Galoure's "I Am The Sun" sounds bright and brilliantly distraught.

Guitars greet the ears in shrill harmony, taunting us at the song's offset. Drums join in with buoyant energy, boisterous, as vocals pick petals of poetic meaning in a tantrum of the heart.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I Am The Sun" sends shivers up and down your spine over its brisk two and a half minute play time. Chaotic crooning over complex harmony harangues the senses in spasmatic fits of emotion. Taken as a token of love at its truest, this song sings sunset under amorous eyes.

"I Am The Sun" grows on you with each consecutive listen, dizzying the mind to a lovely state of delirium through poetic pandemonium. Don't panic; press play.

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