Fafa Galoure's "Falling from Wonder" Will Envelop Your Brain

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Gentle, dusky rock sound to seep into your senses... Fafa Galoure's "Falling from Wonder" takes to the mid space between passion and restraint, armed with melody and meaning galore.

Dripping drama, this track traipses the line between goth and alternative rock to stunning results.

Nothing but the wind...

In mind, to stave off silence.

Silence, your one friend...

"Recycling voices... What am I under?"

Fafa Galoure ease us into a pool of perilous melody throughout "Falling from Wonder".

Bass notes brood under mounting weight of harmony as this tune comes into its own. Guitar notes speak in scorching calls to crystalline keys. Hi-hats shimmer, crisp against an echoing sonic backdrop, as lyrics light the way over winding trail and trailing thoughts.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

An impossible state of mind makes itself known as Fafa Galoure gain ground on the incomprehensible in "Falling from Wonder".

This song is a deep, dark blend of rock you'll want to explore more than a single play can accommodate. Press repeat for a moody treat.

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