Faers' "Not Far Away" Feels as Good as It Sounds

Odd Nugget Social-done

Like a lake of indie sound flashing reflected alt. rock visions of tribal sky... Faers' "Not Far Away" sounds like a beautiful day.

The way this song sways sends your senses someplace exotic.

It's a bright one; the day.

But, it's a hard life, they say.

Peace, pleasure and plenty of pain.

Yet, you'll wake up here again.

NotFarAway – LowRes-done

"Now, where were you, my friend?"

All crash and clamor and brilliance, "Not Far Away" opens up with furry cymbal fuzz and a peppy beat.

This track tosses expected indie rock elements about like loose leaves, leaving us to experience their resultant reverberations. Guitars go off as wanderers through a mist of melody. Drums and kicks trip up a jogging bass line and vocals voice concerns through a sea of sounds.


Faers bring about a strong tribal effect in "Not Far Away". The beat itself can largely be thanked for that, as can the exultant tremmollo howling on guitar. It's far from uneventful.

Even for an indie rock track, "Not Far Away" comes with quite a kick. You can't afford to pass this one up if lively, uplifting songs are your faves. Do press play.

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