FaceApp Makes Baby Will Smith Look OLD - 20+ Actors and Actresses Get Their Childhood Photos FaceApped

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FaceApp is on another rampage - this time, with an artificial aging feature as realistic as it is hilarious.

Being that this is 'Odd' Nugget, our resultant abuse of the app's powers is pretty much par for the course:

Itching to seriously sour some expressions, we've invoked the #FaceAppChallenge from a special and admittedly quite stupid angle - kid photos.

Yes, we've scoured the web for celebrities' childhood photos to make Benjamin Buttons of, and the results may disturb you...

Scarlett Johansson faceapp

Naturally, not all of our experiments went as beautifully as the one above.

Poor Martin Freeman was turned into Martin Demon when FaceApp attacked his photo.

martin freeman faceapp

In a surprising twist, a young Morgan Freeman looked older than he does now post-transformation.

His youthful photo proves quite conclusively that he has always been an old soul.

morgan freeman faceapp

Some celebrities we couldn't help but hit the button on multiple times - sorry Samuel Jackson!

His younger picture took a similar turn to Martin Demon's unfortunate mishap above. Doubly sorry!

samuel jackson faceapp

We got Vin Diesel too, poor guy...

Our attempt on his second picture went straight to #Ancient levels.

vin diesel faceapp

Needless to say, the app's impressive performance on a wide variety of faces and images is more than mildly distressing to the privacy-minded.

FaceApp apparently puts these pictures on its servers somewhere in Russia for 'processing'. Weird, but young-old David Spade was far weirder:

david spade faceapp

Yep, if Russians are planning to turn this technology against us all, they've certainly done a bang-up job!

Baby crypt-keeper Tom Cruise seems to agree:

tom cruise faceapp

Artificially aging Halle Berry felt like an oxymoron of some sort, but we marched on, undaunted, kind of...

halle berry faceapp

Things got ridiculous when we reached the Rock:

the rock faceapp

FaceApp is good at pushing the envelope on its aging ideas; the Rock's solar flare hair was imaginative to say the least.

Whether or not FaceApp is actually safe to use on our own faces willy-nilly remains to be seen though.

will ferrell faceapp

A kid Drew Barimore certainly wasn't safe from our experiment.

Her transformation genuinely gave us pause...

drew barrymore faceapp

FaceApp has received plenty of flack for more than its privacy concerns and use of people's faces...

FaceApp's old "hot" transformation feature made darker complexions lighter by default, sparking a somewhat-warranted bit of controversy over implicit racism.

keanu reeves faceapp

As for the magic at play behind the scenes to power these transformations, FaceApp uses a neural network to drastically enhance image realism.

Elements are carefully superimposed on the original image, resulting in what many now refer to as "deepfakes"...

arnold scharzennegger faceapp

Deepfakes are being used quite a bit online these days, but not always as harmless memes and such...

Ai-assisted deepfake pornography and more with people's faces grafted in illegitimately demonstrate the threatening potential of this powerful technology in the hands of evil-doers.

ariana richards faceapp

Deep stuff aside...

We're in it for the giggles.

Scientifically speaking, from this humorous look at the app, we've concluded FaceApp is 100% fun and maybe 50% accurate overall.

Enjoy the bunch of mutilated portraits below and hit us up on Twitter with @odd_nugget if we missed anybody!

will smith faceapptina fey faceappRobert de niro faceappPeter Ostrum faceappoprah winfrey faceappmilla jovovich faceappmatthew broderick faceapplindsay lohan faceappjackie chan faceappJennifer aniston faceappbruce willis faceappbill murray faceapp

Read up on the Area 51 raid...


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