Evil Edna's "Isle of Dogs" is a Roid-Rage Gypsy Rockabilly Rampage

Odd Nugget Social-done

Racing hearts, hectic, and heaving harmonica runs ramp Evil Edna's "Isle of Dogs" up to full throttle over the course of its playtime.

Rockabilly and gypsy punk in flux force open your ears and imagination in this electrifying tune.

Heat hangs, waving, in the distance.

Missed the train... You walk the tracks. A sandy scene sans all civilians...

You've walked too long now to turn back.


"Down, down, you're going down!"

All chaos, controlled and shackled to a quick-step march beat, Evil Edna's "Isle of Dogs" excites and exhilarates. The band's stylistic swirl of sounds, like a circus set ablaze, blend in the best and leave the rest - resulting in some really rambunctious rock.

Gypsy harmonica shrieks over raunchy scuff and scratch in this track. Bass and beat attack each other as guitars howl, melodic and punctuated.


Lyrics let us in on a true story suffered by a band-member. A run in with a rough gang of young troublemakers harboring every intent to inflict harm. He was 'off to the races' in a hurry, and narrowly escaped.

"Isle of Dogs" plays like hyperventilation put to punk rock rhythm. For a shot of auditory adrenaline, tune in and take off.

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