Erin Gibney Gives Us a Golden Glimpse of Country in "King of Hearts"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Erin Gibney's "King of Hearts" plays calm and cool as a country breeze.

Love left in the sun on the side of the road... Erin's ailing affair ends in realization, harmonic, and unrequited emotion, melodic.

A heart lies in pieces.

A promise falls, broken. The words that you'd spoken...

Their meaning - meaningless.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I was doomed from the first touch, playing love roulette."

"King of Hearts" mirrors Heart's "Magic Man" in subject matter, but clears a quieter path in sound and style.

"King of Hearts" is a stroll down a lane lined in melody. Classic country vibes cradle crooning vocals throughout. Keys decorate the fringes in featherstrokes, while twangy slides weave their way around the mix.


Gibney's 20/20 retrospective perspective plays as poetry over placid verses and emotional choruses. Energy works in waves as Erin conjures imagery of eye-contact and love-loaded atmosphere. Passion yields to regret as the story turns and she's left alone. It's a bummer, but a beautiful listen.

Calling on the complex emotive content of classic country, Erin reels you into "King of Hearts" and hooks you with her honesty. Press play and you'll see.

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