Erich Bergen Goes "Running Through the Night"


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Glistening good vibes and a helping of honesty bring Erich Bergen's "Running Through the Night" into the light.

"I can't believe I've made it to this age..."

Resting on a hilltop. Breeze and bees and sunlight...

A day to stop and wait a while... Rest and recover.

The air picks up against you; rushes through you. It's time on a tailwind, winding away.


"...Running just to stay alive..."

Bergen bakes in Brian Adams-esque belting and rich, uplifting melody with "Running Through the Night".

Lyrically, Erich sets a stage of self-reflection, and his reflection falls on a life lived in stages. He ponders his progress in disbelief, holding fast to belief in his future. Deep. Hope and memory mix in juxtaposition...

Melodically, "Running Through the Night" intersperses sparse keys and electric guitar tones to satisfying effect. A wealth of righteous rock spirit is at play as well. Thudding kicks slice at the mix and a bubbly, running bass line bounces reverberating vocals out over waves of keys and chords. An echoing soundscape sends each choice note flying, filling your ears with bright, light harmony.

You don't have to run to hear this song. Lie back and listen.

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