Eric Champlin and Mikayla Jackson's "Where You Begin"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Passion over poetry, faith in the face of fear... Eric Champlin and Mikayla Jackson give praise and prayers in "Where You Begin".

This track shines welcoming light on the mind like a beacon in the dark.

A windswept field and flowers in flight...

Collapsed in its center, you lie limp; you wither.

To soak in the rising Sun's light.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Seeking peace in you is easy..."

Deep pools of melody move as strings pluck and keys fall. "Where You Begin" opens up with arms outstretched; it's an embrace and we're enveloped.

Words whip by at speed, speaking volumes and then evaporating as Mikayla's vocals breathe out calm over a cool soundscape. Peace in melody erupts to exultant harmony, hinging on future bass bombast. Rhythmic agitations pitch and tilt us towards Sun. A feather floats into view.


As a Christian track, "Where You Begin" brings poised perspective to worship, working words of hope and trust into harmonious sound.

"Where You Begin" is as meaningful as it is nuanced. Press play and stay for sweet mellisonant music.

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