Equinox and Alka Count Love's Colors in "Blue Green Grey"

equinox odd nugget

Equinox's new song "Blue Green Grey" presses in on senses and surroundings with torrid torrents of sound.

Busy intersection dynamics flood your periphery as poetry passes by in plumes, wafting.


An alien, crashed...

A loving life-form lingers.

Beating, inside you...

equinox and alka odd nugget

" I cannot remove your face from my mind... "

Equinox and Alka build up a multi-hued and multifaceted narrative in "Blue Green Grey," placing arcane emphasis on the spread between beauty and chaos, resultant.

"I caress your loveliness whenever I can

I lose myself with you, all that I am

Blue, green and grey eyes of my Maiden fair

The moment I wake, my Lovely is there"

- Equinox and Alka (Blue Green Grey)

Sirens sound, alarmed. Bass notes grumble misgivings underfoot. Tension builds to a slow-stirring groove as words spring like thoughts, spontaneous, to the song's center. From all this, a tumultuous house gait is gathered, giving colory coherence to the spoken words it carries over its 6-minute play time.

equinox art

"Blue Green Grey" brings romance and reality together with disorienting grace.

This song is the kind of auditory experience you'd do best not to pass up. A musical portrayal of urban emotion and hurried headspace well worth your time, this song is solid art - fresh from the heart. The video below is a button press away, so press play.

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