Entertained by Shaniah Paige's "Mysterious Boy"



Conversational vocals brighten up this straightforward song. A step in the same direction as Little Big Town's music perhaps?

Shaniah delivers a pop country tune with a Swift-esque lyrical leaning and a fairly adorable accompanying video. A few plays through and it started to grow on me.

... I like what I see

Country diner visuals, an unlikely romantic scenario, hair twirling galore... What's not to love?

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The lyrics are simplistic but suitable to the teeny-bop crowd. It's a shy girl's quiet anthem; sung in private to a poster on the wall.

I get the feeling "Mysterious Boy" is what young girls' diaries sound like to music. It's genuine and heartfelt enough to win you over if you let it.

I caught you looking at me...

Yes, we're looking at a pop production here, but don't let that factor deter you from giving this song a chance.

This is Swift in her earlier days, Miley as Montana...

"Mysterious Boy" is meant to entertain and it does this well.

Check it out for yourself below!

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