Engulfed by Embers' "Woman"



A righteous empowerment piece put to music, Embers' "Woman" evokes hope as much as it does heartache.

"Woman" is a powerful genre-bender, a long-lost relic of big band blues resurfaced.

It's a heavy, ominously soulful song with interminable passion at its core.

A woman needs to know...

Dingy sidewalks in grayscale stretch to distance.


Traipsing along the cracks, weary of slipping through, you head home. City sounds recede to silence, quelled by a troubled mind. Silence to solace.

The home you seek risen up ahead, you pause. A furtive glance back at the city gives it color. The door opens. The door shuts.

It's you that's been there all along...

An old school shuffling beat props up passionately dynamic vocals a-la Massive Attack's "Unfinished Sympathy" in "Woman."

Embers dress the track in drama - paying notable attention to the details of the song's dynamics. It ebbs energetically; rises and falls with purpose.

The vocals have a certain Southern heat to them, Jonty Rose's voice is Marlena Shaw-like in character; vivacious and big-bodied. It pairs nicely with the atmospheric arrangement, accentuating the sweetly dismal melody.

"Woman" is retro styling with modern spirit. Old soul in new shoes.

A proper composition through and through, with infectious flavor. Worth a listen!

Try it for yourself below.

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