ËMMË Gives Us "Good Love"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Crazy melody and sky-dive drops will weaken your knees in ËMMË's fresh release "Good Love."

Heavy-hitting harmony and an abstract atmosphere... Just fall in love already.

"...Thinking this can't be true."

Rose tint and perfume. You're a goner.

All the space in the room is shrunken to her presence.

Odd Nugget-done

Your heart's gone rogue and your chest is a bass drum.

It's too late to run. She's turned and approaching.

"...You can't scare me."

"Good Love" is a cannon of a song with a short, sparking fuse. It's all about the drop and the drop is good.

A lot of drops drop the ball... Not this one. When this track's drop hits, your eyes boggle, the room heaves and neighbors call the cops for the fourth time this week. Wear headphones. Seriously.

All that aside, "Good Love" sounds like love feels.

There are reverb-roasted synths spread across the spectrum like ricocheting emotions. There are self-reflective lyrics just within hearing range like phantom thoughts. There are jumps and cuts in the flow like chipped records on endless rotation.

And it's all happening at once with a crash, a bang and a swerve.

If you even just kinda like EDM, this one will rock you. Listen, love.

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