Embraced by Under the Oak's "Don't Fall On Me"



Folk with feels, Under the Oak's "Don't Fall On Me" takes a subtle path to the heart - and gets there.

Under the Oak craft an intensely intimate experience in this track. Think "The Head and the Heart" with less martial force and more mellow musing.

There's a wealth of subtle arranging genius in "Don't Fall On Me" to appreciate that sets it and Under the Oak apart from the crowd.

"Who can you turn to?"

The fire is dancing. It swirls in nocturnal breeze - contented as the friends gathered 'round its edges.


Memories spark at its center - tinting its tongues pale gold. Your heart flutters as an arm takes your shoulder; squeezes gently.

Your precious memories emerge to sky. Heated, they rise through air to join the stars.

"Is there light in your day?"

All the makings of great music give "Don't Fall On Me" its beauty. Storytelling, harmony, rhythm, emotion... It's all there.

The percussive elements of the track take the cake, for sure. It's the little taps and pocketed strums that tie it all in together.

This song plays like friendship put to music. Jack Johnson with a more arresting rhythmic vibe. It's heartwarming; a musical hug.

It'd be a shame to miss out on hearing this one, especially if you're into indie folk tunes. Do yourself a favor and rest under the oak.

This track, among a few others, is set to release soon, so be sure to keep up with the band. For now, check out their track "Beautiful People," another slam dunk of a song.

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