Elkvilla Will "Sink" You Deep and Keep You Conscious

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Shambling strings strum a sticky harmony for a meditative journey throughout Elkvilla's new song "Sink".

Time touched by ice slows to a march as this song moves over and around you.

Lines like Rorschach...

On pale-moon's mirror... On silvery down...

As shadow tracing dim-lit tears.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"I just need to sink..."

Mellow of mood and mindful of tone, "Sink" traverses air with care and composed intent.

Vocals, varied, drone sympathetic tones in unison, carrying crooning force with the weight of a feather all the while. Guitars speak sonic scruff over violins' soft legatos. Sandy tambourines clap at a distance as bright echoes of a strolling kick.


Choral contemplation yields realizations, surreal, in "Sink". A split, a rupture, a thought, poetic, to patch over pain... There's love, then there's lost love, lingering.

This song is sorrow in smooth, broad strokes - slicing at interwoven souls one swath at a time. For a melancholy listen worth enjoying, give this one a spin.

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